What is CSA?

What Is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way to link farmers directly to their customers. Members pre-purchase a “share” in the spring when the farm incurs the bulk of its costs. In exchange for this “seed money” so to speak, members receive a weekly box of mixed produce throughout the growing season (typically June through October). The weekly boxes are delivered to one of many convenient pick-up sites throughout the area. Our members enjoy over 100 varieties of organically grown vegetables and culinary herbs in addition to recipes and weekly newsletters.

Why CSA?

In today’s food system, there are a lot of steps between farm and table. Produce often goes from the farm, to a warehouse, on a truck, to another warehouse, to the store, then finally to your kitchen. Much of the produce found in grocery stores travels an average of 1500 miles!Warehouses, trucking companies, and stores all take a cut resulting in the farmer making less and the consumer paying more. By cutting out the middlemen you as a customer get fresher, healthier produce and we as farmers get more of the profit- a mutually beneficial relationship. Because our produce is grown and delivered locally, it can be picked within a day of you receiving it so it is truly “farm fresh” when it arrives at your table.Another benefit of being involved in a CSA is the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with the farmers and a sense of connection to that farm. In our weekly newsletters we share with members the different work we do on the farm, crops that are soon in coming, and the ups and downs of farm life. We also share new recipes to help you get the most out of your weekly vegetables.We want you to be able to see where and by whom your food is grown. You are welcome to come visit the farm Monday through Friday during “working” hours for a self-guided tour. We may be too busy to chat for long, but we will be happy to point out some highlights of the farm and introduce you to the crew. Bring a picnic lunch and don’t forget to take a walk by the river.  Hey, we may even try to lure you into a weeding project!

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