Winter Greetings & CSA Sign-up

by jennifer on January 30, 2012

You can now sign up for the 2012 CSA!

Super A in the snow

We hope you all weathered the most recent snow, ice, and wind with minimal inconvenience and trauma. As for us, we were temporarily plunged back to the “Little House on the Prairie” days; melting snow for wash water and cooking stews, pancakes, and coffee on the wood-stove. Jim put in many hours pulling snow off the greenhouses, so they are all still standing and ready to be filled. We are somewhat used to extended power outages and know how to prepare and weather such events. However, our 40+ year old eye sight makes reading by candle light or head lamp a short-lived activity. We went to bed early, hauled lots of firewood, and felt the slowness of time. Let me just say that this is the last winter we shall spend without a generator! It was quite an experience to walk around outside on Thursday listening to and watching so many trees and branches crack and fall. I haven’t seen such a thing since my days in Oklahoma-a very long time ago. We are lucky that our house, barns, and greenhouses are out in the open and we did not have to worry about falling limbs. I got a lot of really amazing pictures of deep snow and ice-encrusted plants.  Check out our Facebook page to see them.

Ice sheets on the greenhouse

The weather seems to have “normalized” and the seeds are arriving. I placed our orders in early January and nearly all of them are here. It is hard to believe that in a mere two weeks I’ll be seeding the onions, leeks, and shallots. We always enjoy combing through the seed catalogs looking for new things to try. We have been farming here long enough to know our limitations (heavy soil=no super early spring crops, flea beetles=no plethora of Asian greens, etc.) Despite this, it is hard not to be seduced by veggies we love to eat, but cannot grow well.
While we are not adding any new crops (that I can remember) we are trying new varieties of existing crops. For example, we are trialing a few new fingering potatoes and increasing our planting of Ozette potatoes. We’ll be trying several new types of lettuce (both green & red butter head and oak leaf) to add to the standard romaine and leaf lettuces we already grow. Chioggia and golden beets will make an occasional appearance. As always, we will try to improve our regularity of broccoli. We’ll be doing one planting of purple carrots since they seem to be all the rage. We don’t want to go too crazy though until we see how they perform here. Watermelon radish, another new and oft raved about variety will be available in the fall. We are planning for more tomatoes as well. Finally, we will strive to expand our offerings in the Fall CSA. We get a little better at the extended season thing each year.

The seeds have arrived!

Attention Gardeners:

We will once again be offering a wide variety of veggie and herb starts beginning in late April. We’ll be at the Olympia Farmers Market Thursday through Sunday, or you can come to the farm and buy some. (Call first!) I’ll send out another announcement in April that will list all the varieties we’ll have available.


(See our the CSA Details page for more info about pick up sites and delivery days.)

We have several share options to choose from this year.
FULL SEASON SHARE (18 weeks, late June-October)
regular size: $486
small size: $387

HEIGHT OF THE SEASON SHARE (8 weeks, mid August-September)
regular size: $304
small size: $224

FALL SHARE: (4 weeks, late October-late November)
One size only (most of the crop given keep for an exceptionally long time) $110

Please help us spread the word about our CSA by telling your friends, family, and co-workers about us. Your word of mouth experience is worth thousands of paper flyers and little ads in newspapers. Help us keep costs down by reducing our need to spend a lot on advertising. Encourage folks to check out our website and/or contact us directly.  Thanks in advance!

Your Farmers,

Jen and Jim

Hungry yet?

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