Spring Update 2012

by jennifer on May 31, 2012

young corn

It has been hard to pull myself out of the fields and greenhouses to whip up a little newsletter. It seems there is always just one more thing to water, one more thing to plant, and one more new crew member to direct. But today gentle rains fall and I can finally sit down to write.

Let‘s start with the million dollar question. “When is the first CSA delivery?” We are aiming for 3rd week in June, the week of the 20th. As always, weather will have the final say. It could get bumped back a week, but we’ll let you know either way by the second week in June. It is just hard to predict how fast (or not) things will grow. We do still have shares available, so keep spreading the word!

Jim plowing in cover crop

The next frequently asked question is “How has this spring been compared to last year as far as growing conditions are concerned?” Well, it started out colder and wetter, and I feared we were in for “year 3” of the cold, wet spring.  However, the past three weeks have been pretty amazing  and we have been in a near constant state of motion.

When the weather first broke (remember those days near 80 degrees?) Jim spent nearly 3 solid days plowing in cover crop and prepping the fields for planting. We had the crew out transplanting up a storm. They put in onions, cabbage, scallions, leeks, lettuce, chard, kohlrabi, tomatoes, summer and winter squash, and potatoes.

Our kids and a friend planting potatoes

Meanwhile, I was on the tractor seeding carrots, beets, peas, radishes, turnips, green beans, dry beans, cucumbers, dill, cilantro, and corn. When not on the tractor I planted a whole host of other goodies in the greenhouses for future transplanting. We will continue to seed and transplant as weather allows and the fields will fill up quickly.  Weeding will then become the main focus until all of those little lovelies are ready to eat.

This spring has been especially busy since we have been growing extra veggie and herb starts for sale at the Olympia Farmers Market. I have really enjoyed helping people get their gardens started and giving gardening advice. I love how people light up at the prospect of growing their own food, especially when kids are involved.  If you garden to help supplement your CSA, come see us at the market for your starts. We still have a lot to choose from!

potato sprouts

Before settling down to the computer,  I quickly walked around the fields just to check on things and peak under row cover (and take a few pictures). I was quite encouraged.  I posted a bunch of pictures the other day on Facebook, which I invite you to look at. Not to encourage you all to be social media junkies, but Facebook is the quickest and easiest ways to post pictures of the farm. We also post our weekly newsletters and occasional recipes there. In addition to Facebook, you should check out our website if you haven’t already. I posted a bunch of new recipes on it this winter.

We are currently at the Olympia Farmers Market Thursday through Sunday with veggie starts and a smattering of produce. This weekend we’ll have lettuce, radishes,  boc choy, rhubarb, early garlic, and garlic scapes. Come down and say hello.


We are also selling at the NEW Yelm Farmers Market which takes place each Sunday from 11-4. The market is located right next to the park in Yelm on 2nd street.  Here is a link to the website http://yelmfarmersmarket.yelmfood.coop. Do help spread the word about this new market. It looks very promising. They organizers of this market want to keep it really food-centered, so as the season wears on there should be lots of fresh veggies, meats, eggs, cheeses, etc to choose from. Oh, and fresh flowers, too!

We are very excited about this growing season. We can hardly wait to start eating the fruits of our labor! I will be in touch again as the CSA delivery day draws near and will let you know the exact dates and remind you of pick up procedures and locations. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, call or email and we’ll take care of it.

Your Farmers,
Jennifer & Jim

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