Roasted Turnips or Rutabagas

by jennifer on October 4, 2011

From Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone by Deborah Madison

1 1/2 pounds turnips or rutabagas, peeled and quartered
Salt and freshlly ground pepper
Canola or safflower oil
3 small bay leaves
2 rosemary sprigs or 6 thyme sprigs

1. Preheat the oven 375.
2. Lightly oil a shallow roasting pan or baking dish .
3. Boil the turnips in salted water for 3 minutes and drain. If using rutabagas, parboil for 15 minutes or until barely tender.
4. Toss turnips or rutabagas with enough oil to coat them lightly, then season with salt and pepper.
5. Transfer them to the dish with the herbs and bake uncovered until tender when pierced with a knife and browned, 25-30.

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