Late Fall Share- Box 1-November 23

by jennifer on November 23, 2013

Hi folks! This newsletter will be a little brief. I have spent the better part of the day stacking a newly delivered cord of wood into the woodshed. It has been just too glorious of a sunny day to make myself sit down in front of the computer. Alas, my back needs a wee break and a cup of coffee sounds mighty good!So here goes….

Man oh man it has been cold out. To be honest, I hadn’t really been paying attention to the weather. I was resigned to months and months of drizzle and rain, which is alright with me. So when I looked at the weather and saw a that the temps were to get into the low 20’s for many nights I was very surprised. Thankfully all of the squash and onions were already tucked away into a cozy, semi climate controlled area in the barn so they will not freeze. The field harvest part was not very pleasant, however. The ground stayed frozen until at least 11:00 each day, so the amount of hours we could actually be in the field were limited. We worked on other washing and packing in the barn until the ground thawed and it was cold! Imagine washing and sorting carrots when it is a mere 30-ish degrees out. There was lots of jumping jacks, blowing into hands, and hopping around all silly to warm up. We also had to haul some row cover back out to cover all the carrots and beets that still remain in the ground. Those crops can handle one or two frosts, but after that, they go downhill fast. Now they are tucked under “blankets” awaiting future harvest. The kale is quite hardy and will survive the cold, albeit it will grow a lot slower. Next week shouldn’t be quite as cold, which will be nice. Though the one upside to this weather trend is the beautiful sunshine!

The box contents should all be easily identifiable. You should see:
red and yellow onions
yellow and orange carrots
scarlet turnips
curly kale
yukon gem potatoes
pie pumpkins

I hope you all have a lovey Thanksgiving filled with great food and wonderful friends & family.


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