Late Fall CSA-Week 4

by jennifer on December 14, 2013

This weekend is the last delivery for the Late Fall Share. Thank you all for joining us in this little experiment. We welcome any feedback you might have so that we can offer it successfully again next year. Hopefully we can pull off some more fresh greens: lettuce, more kale, and maybe even spinach? I think overall it went well, even with this last week of ridiculously cold temperatures. That stretch of “unseasonably” frigid weather was a reminder that nature is unpredictable and we should plan and plant for any and all eventuality. Something is bound to succeed, right?

We hope you didn’t get too sick to death of squash, parsnips, and the other limited fall offerings. Since becoming a farmer nearly 20 years ago, I often think about how our grandparents (or great grandparents depending on how old you are!) ate. They pretty much had to eat seasonally; whatever was in the garden, or in the winter, whatever was in the pantry/root cellar. I am sure they all got sick of pretty much everything at one point or another. We have gotten pretty spoiled being able to buy more or less whatever we want, whenever we want. We can buy asparagus (locally available in May) and red peppers (locally available in late August) any time of year, all in one place. It sort of warps our sense of what is seasonal. When involved with a CSA, or as a serious gardener committed to eating what is available, you just eat what there is. Sure you get sick of stuff, but then that just ensures that you won’t be tempted to buy it out of season, from far away. You will think you never want to eat another delicata squash as long as you live, but lo and behold by next September your mouth will be watering at the thought! That’s the thing about seasonal eating. So enjoy those potatoes, beets, squash, and such. Get sick of them. And then relish them again next fall.

We are now accepting sign-ups our 2014 CSA program. Please follow this link to register. You may sign up online or print off a registration form and mail it in. Now is actually a great time to reserve your spot for the 2014 CSA. We do our best to hold enough money over the winter in order to buy seeds and fertilizer in late winter and spring, as well as pay for early season labor. However, your early sign up makes our winter less of a nail-biter. It also gives us a better sense of how much to plant. Please consider signing up soon! Plus, if you sign up by January 15th, you will lock in the 2013 prices.

yellow onions
cipollini onions
yellow carrots
orange carrots
acorn squash
delicata squash
dry bean mix
yukon gold potatoes

We hope you have a lovely and restful winter.

Your farmers,
Jen & Jim

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