Late Fall CSA- Week 2

by jennifer on November 29, 2013

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. We were lucky to gather with several of our neighbors-fellow local and organic food lovers. As I lay in bed last night, absolutely STUFFED to the gills, I reflected on how upwards of 90% of our meal came from within 5 miles. The ham, chicken, potatoes, parsnips, salad greens, turnips, watermelon radishes, carrots, pickles, pears in the pear torte, and pumpkin in the pumpkin pie, all came from within a few miles and were raised by the folks in attendance. The farthest dish came from Olympia-Brussels sprouts and homemade cheese, grown and produced by the woman who brought it. Even the cider was made here on the road. One of the guests remarked at dinner that we truly live in the garden of Eden here in the Pacific Northwest. Such a mild climate (usually) and such a vast array of food is available year round.

We have been lucky these past few days with relatively warm weather so harvest has been pleasant. I just looked at the weather, however, and it is going to get COLD starting Monday. In fact, Wednesday night is supposed to get down to 19 degrees. We did a little extra harvest in anticipation of that and will also throw extra row cover on some crops to protect them. We decided to harvest the lettuce in the hoop house, even though it is small, as it would be a shame to lose it to frost. Wish us luck next week out there!

A PLUG FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES: I suppose now most of us start thinking about holiday shopping. We have been bombarded with Christmas music and Black Friday ads for weeks now. I would encourage you all to check out all the amazing local shops in the Olympia area, including the Olympia Farmers Market for your holiday gifts. Take an afternoon to wander around downtown on foot and see what treasures you can find. Food also makes a great gift! We all need to eat, right?

Stay warm this week. It is definitely soup, root roast, and baked squash weather. Crank up that oven and savor all the hearty veggies you get this week.

Yellow and orange carrots
Yellow onion
Cipollini onions
Russian Banana potatoes
Gold ball turnip
Acorn squash
Delicate squash
Lettuce (Can you believe it???)

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