Late Fall CSA Share – Week 3

by jennifer on December 8, 2013

Carrots safe (hopefully) under row cover and snow. Carrots safe (hopefully) under row cover and snow.


Funny how in last week’s newsletter, I was commenting on how this region is so mild, weather wise. I even used the term Garden of Eden. Well, lately the garden is a little colder than I’d prefer. All week Jim and I have been checking the weather and shaking our heads in disbelief. It is so rare to get this cold around here, especially so early in the season.

Grasses trapped under the ice. Grasses trapped under the ice.


To prepare for it, we harvested many crops earlier in the week before the ground froze solid. We put a double layer of row cover over the carrot and beets. We hope that will be enough protection. We did get a dusting of snow few nights ago and that should add to the insulation. We also had to drain all the water pipes so they wouldn’t burst (hence the dirty potatoes in your box. There was only so much we could wash before we had no water!)
Earlier in the fall, we had partitioned off a small area in our barn with old blankets gleaned from Goodwill over the years, where we were keeping the squash and onions. We run a small fan, and occasionally a space heater at night, to keep the moisture level down and the temperature above freezing. On Friday, when we saw the updated night time lows were expected to be around 11, we decided to move it all into the walk-in cooler, where it is warm by comparison. We knew we’d never get any sleep worrying about the squash. So now the cooler is packed to the rafters.
Many of the crops we have still in the field can handle a short stint of colder temps, but we will not really know how things have fared until the thaw comes. It sounds like rain is coming by Tuesday or Wednesday and we will see what we can see.

I hope you all have been able to stay toasty warm. Today would be a great day to crank up the oven and try out this new squash cornbread recipe. You can use any type of squash.

Yellow onions
Red cipollini onions
pie pumpkin
scarlet turnips
red chieftain potatoes
orange carrots
yellow carrots

Snow angel on the frozen wetland. Snow angel on the frozen wetland.
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