January 2013 Newsletter

by jennifer on January 4, 2013

Dear friends of Rising River Farm,

Happy New Year! We hope the end of 2012 was full of happy times and revelry for you all. After nearly 3 weeks of holiday activities and our kids out of school, Jim and I are itching to plan for the upcoming season. I can’t believe it is already time to order seeds! I spent a little time in the greenhouse on Wednesday seeding some experimental salad greens and herbs for the household. It was sunny and 80 degrees in there and I found myself getting really excited to start planting and growing food again. Seed catalogs keep showing up in the mail box and I always have to do a quick perusal before I add them to the stack. I get so hungry and wistful looking at the glossy photos of tomatoes, corn, and luscious greens. Mmmmm….

Jim and I will sit down over the next few days and go over our notes about the previous season and brainstorm about how to make the coming season even better. Along with ordering seeds and greenhouse supplies, we’ll be fine-tuning our field fertility, strategizing ways to encourage beneficial insects and discourage pests, exploring summer cover cropping, creating field maps and a crop rotation plan, and talking about ways to become even more organized and efficient. There is a lot involved in growing food. It is a huge, complex, and dynamic puzzle. We have been farming for a long time to be sure, but there is always more to learn, more to try, more ways to improve. You can’t accuse us of complacency!

As always, we welcome your feedback. Rather than send out a formal survey this year I will instead invite you to give whatever feedback you feel moved to give; suggestions, critiques, niggling questions, whatever. You can call, email, send flowers (kidding) or a note by mail. We look forward to hearing from you!


Full Season (18 weeks; late June-October)
regular: $522
small: $396

Height of the Season (8 weeks; early August-September)
regular: $304
small: $224

Fall Share (4 weeks; late October-late November)
Regular: $110

*Note that we did raise the price a smidge. It comes to about $2/week. Not much, but necessary. We hope you understand. We are willing to tailor payment plans to best fit your budget if need be.

Please go to our website www.risingriverfarm.com for more information about our shares, sign up online, or download a paper registration form. Or give us a call or email.

May we ask a favor? We’d be ever so grateful if you helped us in our effort to get new CSA members. Your positive experience is the best advertizing there is. Please forward this newsletter and/or a link to our website to anyone you think might be interested. If you would like a stack of brochures for your place of business, we can send them to you. Thank you in advance.

Lacey Pick-up Site:
We are on the hunt for a pick-up site in the Lacey area. If you wish to host a site or know someone who does, get in touch with us. The site must be close to I-5, easy to get to, and accessible to our 14 ft. box truck. We need at least 15 members to commit to using the site to make it worth it.

Be sure to check our website and Facebook regularly throughout the winter. I’ll be adding recipes to the website and FB is a great place to see photos of the farm and crew.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Your Farmers,
Jen & Jim

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