Fall CSA Week 4

by jennifer on November 15, 2013



Yellow and red onions

Red cipollini onions



Potatoes-Russian Banana

Baby cabbage


Carrots-orange and yellow

Acorn squash

Delicata squash

Watermelon radish

Insanely large beets (both red and golden)

Thank you so much for joining the Early Fall CSA. We hope you enjoyed these past 4 weeks. Each year we try to make the fall offerings more diverse and interesting. We hope to dedicate more greenhouse space next year so that we may offer tender lettuces, herbs, and other greens in addition to the usual fall roots, squash, and potatoes. We hope to have more kale as well. Try, try again is our motto!

We still have 8 more slots for the Late Fall CSA that starts next weekend. It is the same deal: 4 more weeks of hearty comfort foods for $110. Let me know if you’d like to participate.

Further elaborations about the box contents:

BABY CABBAGE: Aren’t they cute? These are secondary cabbage heads that sprouted after we cut the main head of the kraut variety. The leaves are sweet, tender and delicate. Enjoy them in a salad, coleslaw, stuffed cabbage, or in a very mini batch of kraut or kimchi.

INSANELY LARGE BEETS: Don’t be afraid, they are still very sweet and yummy. These are perfect for beet sandwiches, as you only need one slice per. Or whip up a chocolate beet cake. How about a pot of borscht? So many options.

RUTABAGA: I didn’t get a look at the rutabaga before they went in the boxes, so there might be some surface damage.  We are sorry about that, but the flea beetles are always a bother for the late season brassica roots. And we hate to throw out perfectly edible (albeit ugly) produce. The damage is on the surface, so just peel away the trouble spot and you are good to go.


You probably hear about this concept every year around this time. The idea is to try to source the bulk of your holiday meal with locally grown and processed foods. Lucky for you, this area is abundant with a wide diversity of fresh produce, locally raised meat, delicious baked goods, drinks, and more. Olympia and South Sound folks can take advantage of the Olympia Farmers Market, the Olympia Food Co-ops, and Olympia Local Foods to find much of what they need. Our Tacoma customers can go to one of many Farmers markets in Tacoma, the Tacoma Food Co-op, and Marlene’s Market. And of course you can buy direct from many farms in the area. Please consider using these food-centered holidays coming up to gently educate those around you about how vibrant our local food web is. What better way to win people over than to serve them amazing food? On that note, we hope you enjoy your winter and look forward to growing food for you again. I’ll send out a link soon to sign up for the 2014 CSA.

Until then,


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