Fall CSA Week 3

by jennifer on November 8, 2013



Yellow and red onion

Yellow and red cipollini onion



Pie pumpkin


Rose finn apple potato

Gold ball turnip

Yellow and orange carrots



Remember, most of what you get in your box lasts for several weeks, if not months, so if you don’t get to it right away, don’t worry about it.

Yesterday, while preparing to go out and harvest your carrots, I was reminded of my childhood getting ready to go play in the snow. It was an involved process getting on the long johns, warm socks, a couple of shirts, a sweater, another sweater, a jacket, rain pants, rain coat, hat, scarf, and boots. Of course once all the layers were on I realized I needed to go back in the house for something! Off with the muddy boots, muddy rain pants, etc…. It is funny how we all look the same out there in our rain gear, from a distance I can never tell who is who. Today, however, was gorgeous and relatively warm. A perfect day to finish the harvest.

A Bit about the Box Contents:

Carrots: We gave you both this week. I personally prefer the orange ones for fresh eating and the yellow ones for cooking.

Rose Finn Apple Potatoes: These are especially good for oven roasting, adding to a pot roast or chunking up in a soup. They hold together very well and have a nice, rich taste.

Gold Ball Turnip: This is a nice cooking turnip, though you could eat it raw. Turnips are nice is soups and root roasts. Please forgive the bug damage. Even with row cover those darn critters still managed to get in there!

Leeks: Remember, you can use leeks instead of onions in most cases. They add a more pronounced flavor and interesting texture to soups, stir-fries, and casseroles. You can also freeze potato leek soup (minus the milk or cream). Add the dairy (and a little water) when you re-heat the soup.

You also freeze cooked squash for later baking. One trick I learned is to measure out 1 cup scoops of cooked, mashed squash and freeze it in a muffin tin. Once frozen, pop them out and put in a freezer bag. Then you have pre-measured amount for various recipes.

Recipes to try:

Curried parsnips

Roasted Winter Squash w/ mint and wine vinegar sauce (a good use for pumpkin)

Pumpkin cheesecake

Winter vegetable chowder

Stuffed swiss chard leaves

Swiss chard and dill pilaf

Cran-orange chard

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