Fall CSA Week 2

by jennifer on November 1, 2013


Orange carrots


Onions-red and yellow

Cipollini onions-red and yellow





Acorn squash

Delicata squash

Red Chieftain potatoes




Scarlet queen turnips

Watermelon radish

This week is heavy on the root vegetables. We have two new roots on the scene. The first is rutabaga. They are not terribly attractive, but they are sweet, crunchy, subtle, and very versatile. They are a white-ish cream-ish color with light purple shoulders. I have a neighbor who is from Iceland whose mother would give her and her brother raw rutabaga as an afterschool snack. Mention that when your kids complain that there is  “nothing good to eat” after school!

Peel, or not, and slice them up. They are really quite lovely eaten raw. Watermelon radish is the other guest root. They are smaller, rounder, and mostly white. When cut open they are a vibrant pink inside. This time of year when fresh greens are becoming more scarce (thanks be to frost and rain) raw root veggies really fill that void. We often put out a platter of sliced carrot, rutabaga, scarlet turnip, radish, and kohlrabi (if we have it) on the dinner table to accompany the rest of dinner. All of the roots mentioned above are also very good when added to soups, stews, and oven root roasts.

To help you utilize all the roots, here are a few recipe suggestions:

Oven roasted root veggies

Root Veggie fries

Turnip or rutabaga puree with leeks

Buttered turnips and rutagaba with mixed herbs

Curried parsnips

Cauliflower is also an unexpected treat. We only grow it in the fall, as we find the summer heat to be too stressful. So, lucky you; t survived the frost and it as tasty as ever. Try these recipes.

Cauliflower fritters

Cauliflower and/or broccoli gratin

Cauliflower/potato/cheddar soup

                                                                                   Enjoy! Jen

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