Fall CSA Newsletter-Week 4-November 19, 2011

by jennifer on November 19, 2011


This week is the final Fall CSA delivery. Thank you for joining us for a few extra weeks of autumnal goodies. Each year we get a little better at having more variety of produce to offer in the fall. Farming in general is a gamble, but trying to stretch the window on either end of the season is doubly so. It would not be unheard of to have a big flood and/or deep freeze in the fall that would render the crops unsaleable. This year we made it through with no high water or unreasonably cold tempuratures. We plan on attending the Olympia Farmers Market for another 3 weeks or so. We hope you will still come down to see us!

The 100 Mile Holiday Meal Challenge: At this point many of you are in the middle of planning and shopping for the big Thanksgiving meal. You may have heard of the 100 mile Thanksgiving Challenge. It is an idea that was proposed many years ago and seems to gain steam each year. It is a call to try to source the bulk of your Thanksgiving meal from local growers. In this region of the country you can get almost everything from just the surrounding counties: turkey, ham, lamb, potatoes, squash, Brussels sprouts, celery (or celeriac), carrots, beets, dinner rolls and breads, stuffing mixes, desserts, cider, wine, fruits, flower arrangements, etc etc etc. The Olympia Farmers Market is a good first stop (open Saturday and Sunday from 10-3). The Olympia Food Co-op and Olympia Local Foods are a good second stop. THEN you can hit your local grocery store for the other odds and ends. You may consider modifying your “traditional” holiday menu to reflect what is actually available around here. Sure sweet potatoes are good, but so are turnips, rutabagas, and winter squash. Make it your new tradition. If you have already done your shopping, consider the challenge for your other winter holiday gatherings.

Farewell to our fellow worker, Rigo. I sent out a newsletter earlier in the week about one of our long-time workers, Rigo who died in a car accident last Saturday. If you didn’t get it, here is the link. I would like us all to remember him and all that he has done for us.  Let us thank him in our head as we eat all the food that he helped plant, weed, and harvest all season. As I said before, Jim and I cannot do all this work without our crew. If you are looking for somewhere to donate money this holiday season, consider donating to Rigo’s family. His wife, Rita (who also works with us) and their two daughters would really appreciate any help. You can send it to us and we’ll pass it along. Many of you have sent thoughtful emails and we will make sure Rita knows how much you all care.

We hope you have a restful winter full of fabulous meals and quality time with friends and family (ideally at the same time!) I’ll try to send an occassional winter newsletter keeping you all informed of how the farm is fairing and what crazy new plans or projects we might have in store for next season. Speaking of next season, you can now sign up for 2012. Do it online or print out the PDF and mail it in.

Thanks for a great season!

                                                   Jennifer and Jim

What’s In The Box:
copra onions
red onions
cipollini onions
red potatoes
pie pumpkin
butternut squash
Italian kale
Brussels sprouts

pumpkin pie
scalloped potatoes
butternut squash soup
pumpkin cheesecake

oven roasted root vegetables
Thai soup with winter squash and tofu

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