Fall CSA Newsletter-Week 3-November 12, 2011

by jennifer on November 12, 2011

Yikes! I almost forgot to send out the newsletter! I got too absorbed in my Saturday morning routine of coffee, a nice fire in the woodstove, board games with the kids, and putting the house back together after a week of work.
There are a few new guests in today’s box: parsnips, kohlrabi, and dry beans. Parsnips are the long, white roots that look like carrots. They are best eaten cooked. The flavor is sweet and earthy. They make a great addition to hearty winter soups, pot roasts, oven roasted root vegetables, etc. You can cut them up like french fries and make “parsnip fries” in the oven. Toss them with olive oil, salt and peppers, and bake in the oven at 400 degrees or so. They’ll take about 1/2 hour. You should stir them up every 15 minutes or so.
You may remember kohlrabi from the spring. It is the purple orb-like vegetable in your box. They are not as pretty as the spring ones; incliment weather and pesty pests have taken a toll. Since you have to peel it anyway, we figured it didn’t matter that much. Kohlrabi is very tasty raw, though you can cook with it as well. Add it to a stir fry, casseroles, just about anything.
The dry beans are from this year’s harvest. We have been saving and replanting our own seed for over 10 years, saving out interesting crosses and variations and trying to build the supply of those up as well. There are four main varieties and then a few random crosses thrown in. They are: Pinto, Swedish brown (solid brown), Calypso (black and white), and Hidatsta shield figure (brown and white). They all cook at the same rate and can be used in just about any bean recipe from chili, to refried beans, to soups. Each bag contains 2 cups. We recommend soaking them for 8 hours (or overnight) and then cooking in fresh water to enure better digestion.
We included a buttercup squash in your box (the big green one). These babies are rich, sweet, and fluffy. They work well for soups, stuffed squash, or the Arabian squash casserole posted in the recipe section of our website. They have not proven to be good keepers, so try to use it within a week or two.

What’s In The Box:
delicata squash
buttercup squash
Italian kale
copra onions
red onions
French fingerling potatoes
dry bean mix

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