Fall CSA Newsletter-November 5, 2011

by jennifer on November 5, 2011

Brrrrr! Yikes it has been cold! We have taken to starting a little later in the mornings and doing jobs that will get the blood flowing and keep us warm as we head out to harvest your veggies. We are often rewarded later with beautiful semi-sunny afternoons, which feel like a blessing any time they occur after mid-October. The chilly temps are just enough to sweeten everything, but not ruin it. There isn’t much farmy news this week, as the season is just about over. So instead I will post some new recipes I came across and remind you of a few old favorites.

What’s In The Box?
celeriac (celery root)
copra onions
Italian kale (also called tuscano, nero, or dinosaur)
butternut squash
russet potatoes
green cabbage
scarlet turnips
green or purple top turnips

Celeriac explained: You may be wondering what that hideous looking white-ish root veggie with the crazy spiky top is. That is celeriac, yet another whoafully overlooked and under appreciated vegetables. It is to celery, what beets are to chard. One was bred for nice roots, the other for tasty tops. Celeriac (also called celery root) has a mild, almost creamy celery flavor. It is a nice addition to soups, mashed potatoes, roasts, or other dishes where you want a hint of celery flavor. Cut off the crazy rough top and peel away the outer skin with a potato peeler or pairing knife. I find it best cooked, but some folks like to grate it into salads. You could probably put it in the cole slaw recipe below.

meatloaf with hidden veggies-great use for your turnips and celeriac
butternut squash soup
sweet and sour borscht
coleslaw with creamy celery seed dressing
sesame kale and cabbage salad
cabbage and peanut slaw
kale quesadillas
egg rolls
beet sandwiches

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