Fall CSA Newsletter-Week 1-October 29, 2011

by jennifer on October 29, 2011

Welcome to the fall CSA. Thanks for hanging on with us for a few weeks longer. We have had two pretty significant frosts so far which have put a decisive end to the last of the peppers and zucchinis that we were reluctant to till in. We are now in full fall mode with a wide array of satisfying, kitchen warming goodies; squash, potatoes, turnips, etc. Think oven roasted roots vegetables, baked squash, potato leek soup.

In your box today you will find:
yellow finn potatoes
copra onions
red cipollini onions
delicata squash
lettuce (rescued from the frost!)

On the farm, we are feeling very caught up with the fall chores. Over the past few weeks we have gotten the garlic planted, all the cover crop in, the tomato trellis taken down, all the row cover and drip irrigation put away, and the barns a little more tidied. Next on the agenda is re-orienting one of our propagation greenhouses (turns out it does matter which direction your greenhouses runs-east/west is best) and moving all of the tools and supplies we are not currently using up into the barn lofts in case we flood this winter. Each year we get more prepared and organized so that flood events aren’t quite as harrowing.

After this week two of our farm hands, Jonathon and Lauren, will be moving on to winter jobs and travel until they return to us next spring. Isaac will hang on hopefully into December to help Jim and I with the harvest and flood prep. We look forward to a later work start time and sitting around the kitchen tabel in the morning over tea and coffee, respectively talking about the day and next season. We will need to stock up on audio books for our MP3’s which can make the cold and wet harvest conditions a little more bearable. Any suggestions?

Enjoy this week’s share and be sure to puruse the recipe section of the website for ideas.

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