Early Fall CSA – Week 4 – Novemeber 15, 2014

by jennifer on November 15, 2014

early fall share week 4Thank you for joining us for the Early Fall Share. We hope you enjoyed an additional 4 weeks of local, seasonal goodness. This weekend is the last delivery. I guess it is ending just in time, as this extended cold has not been kind to a few of the more tender items like lettuce and parsley. As farmers, we check the weather religiously and in anticipation of the cold, we did a huge harvest earlier in the week in order to get a few things before they perished. We also hauled out a bunch of row cover to protect all those tender carrots, sweet beets, and lovely kale that are still in the field. Some crops like leeks and parsnips should be fine left to their own devices. We are patting ourselves on the back for the insulated room we made for the potatoes, squash, and onions. It is quite cozy and dry in there with minimal supplemental heat.
Upcoming Holiday Feasts: Holiday season is nearly upon us. I’m sure there are many gatherings with family and friends in your future. Make them extra special and delicious by sourcing as many ingredients as you can from your local farm! We will be at the Olympia Farmers Market Saturday and Sunday through December 21st and every Saturday at the Proctor Farmers Market through December 20th. We’ll still have plenty of carrots, beets, potatoes, squash, onions, and more.
What’s in the Box:
Curly kale
Red and yellow onions
Yukon gem potatoes
Swedish brown beans
Pie pumpkin

Elaborations: The only new item to mention is Swedish Brown dry beans. From my research I found that they came to America in the 1890’s by Swedish immigrants. They are extremely tender with a nutty flavor, and they hold together well, even through extended cooking. This last trait makes these beans especially popular in soups and stews, as cooks do not need to worry about the beans breaking apart if they are a little bit overcooked. Swedish Brown Beans are traditionally served in a sweetened puree with smoked pork or game meats. They are beautiful and flavorful as a side dish with butter and chopped fresh parsley. They also make the perfect Boston Baked Beans.
Pie pumpkin-We have the most amazing pumpkin pie recipe on our website. It is rich, silky, and velvety, especially if allowed to chill before serving. I am drooling now just thinking about it.


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