Early Fall CSA Newsletter – October 31, 2014

by jennifer on October 31, 2014

Early Fall Share week 2

It seems as though Mother Nature is trying to make up for the unusually dry summer by dumping buckets of rain on us all. Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. We just piles on layers of wool, fleece, and rain gear and go on about our day. Not much to be done about it. It is still pleasantly warm, relatively speaking. The river has tripled in size. It is still far from flooding, but it is quite swollen. I marvel at how much the mighty Chehalis changes from one season to the next. A few weeks ago, Jim took our son and his friend on a 5 hour canoe trip down the river. They hit gravel a fair bit and had to portage in a few spots. If they went today, it would be a wild and rollicking ride. They’d barely have to paddle!

This week’s box has a nice balance of fresh greens, sweet carrots, and hearty squash and potatoes. We are happy to have lettuce available this late in the season. Our high tunnel protects it from excessive rains and hungry deer. Remember, a lot of what you get in the fall shares will last for several weeks or even months.Don’t worry if you don’t get to it all right away.

What’s In the Box
Bunch carrots
“B” grade carrots
Buttercup squash
Yellow Finn potatoes
yellow onions
red onion
Red Russian kale

Celeriac: Those of you who participated in the main season CSA are familiar with this unusual vegetable. Peel the outer part with a sharp knife and chop it into bite sized chunks for soups, stews, pot roasts, or veggie root roast.
Beets: The beets, like most of the veggies these days, are super sweet now that the temps are a little lower.
Yellow Finns: These are a very versatile potato. Mash, bake, fry, roast in the oven, use for potato leek soup… your options are endless.
Carrots: Not only do you get a lovely bunch of perfect and pretty carrots, but you also get several pounds of the “B” grade carrots. We did a huge carrot harvest last week and hit a patch that had a higher-than-we’d-like percentage of rust fly damaged carrots. The damage is only on the surface. They still taste great. It would be a crime to compost them, so, lucky you. This would be the perfect time to whip up some carrot cake or carrot soup. I know it can be hard to sacrifice the tasty bunch carrots to cooked dishes.
Kale: Red Russian is always a great variety to add to salads, as it is the sweetest and tenderest of the kales. Add it to a green smoothie or make kale quesadillas.

Enjoy your veggies!


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