Dry Bean Variety Descriptions

by jennifer on November 15, 2014

We grow several dry beans here at Rising River Farm. Here are descriptions and suggestions for use for the varieties we typically offer.

Calypso CALYPSO: Originally from the Caribbean. Also known as Orca or Yin Yang for its distinctive black and white pattern that is retained in cooking. Mild flavor and creamy rich texture. They have a velvety smooth, creamy plump texture and nutty, mellow russet potato-like flavor. Beans double in size when cooked. One of the best for baking and soups.

HIDATSTA SHIELD FIGURE: The Hidatsa Shield Figure bean gets its name from the Hidatsa American Indians of the Missouri River Valley of North Dakota. It was widely planted throughout the Missouri River Valley region. This bean is listed by the organization Slow Food USA on the Arc of Taste list. Flavorful bean that holds it shape when cooked.

Swedish BrownSWEDISH BROWN: Heirloom Beans – Came to America in the 1890’s by Swedish immigrants. Extremely tender with a nutty flavor, and they hold together well, even through extended cooking. This last trait makes these beans especially popular in soups and stews, as cooks do not need to worry about the beans breaking apart if they are a little bit overcooked. Swedish Brown Beans are traditionally served in a sweetened puree with smoked pork or game meats. They are beautiful and flavorful as a side dish with butter and chopped fresh parsley.

PintoPINTO: This variety we have saved and replanted for close to 20 years. You will see a lot of variation in appearance, adding lots of character. Makes a wonderful refried bean, or keep whole for burritos and enchiladas.

Tiger's EyeTIGER’S EYE: Also known as Pepa de Zappalo, this heirloom comes originally from Chile and Argentina. Handsome, ocher-colored beans have a maroon swirl for the look of a cat’s eye. The buttery-smooth texture and rich, hearty flavor lend a tender, melt-in-the-mouth appeal. Wonderful rich flavor and smooth texture. Very tender skins almost disappear when cooked. Great for chili or refried beans. Use in a creamy soup, refried, or in a bean casserole. Great bean to substitute for Pintos in Southwest inspired cooking.

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