CSA Newsletter Box 13-September 15

by jennifer on September 15, 2010

The forecast is predicting rain for the next little while. In preparation, the crew has been scurrying busily around the fields hauling in all the things we don’t want to get wet. Monstrous balls of row cover are tucked safely under shelter. (I tell you, moving wet row cover will shave a good 10 years off of your back!) The dry beans that were just days away from perfect crispy dryness have been pulled up and laid out in the greenhouses. We plan to borrow a bean thresher from WSU extension in a week or two to help us make quick work of shelling beans for fall market sales and spring CSA boxes! We had knocked back the tops of some of the onions and all the shallots a week ago. Doing this signals the plant to stop growing and start making papery skins to protect them in long term storage. Clearly, we will not be field curing these babies, so off to the greenhouse and barn loft they go. Even as I type this they are out digging and hauling in the rest of the potatoes. The tops have long since died back and the skins have set. They will remain under dark blankets in the barn until we need them.  I am very thankful for all the covered space we have. As we have seen this year the weather will do what it wants, so we always need a back-up plan.The corn is finally ready! This is a bi-color variety called “Luscious”. (Who comes up with these names???)Today’s box:LettuceCarrotsBeets or chardRed onionSweet yellow onionCherry tomatoesRed or green cabbagePurple kohlrabiCornGreen pepperEaster egg radishesYellow crookneckRotational: broccoli, slicing tomatoes, green beans

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