CSA Newsletter Box 11-September 1

by jennifer on September 1, 2010

It definitely feels like fall around here. The morning held the two classic signs: the kids started school and dewy mist covered everything making it all look like lace. Yesterday’s harvest in the rain was an unwelcome reminder of the season to come. I am still holding out for an Indian summer since we didn’t really get much of a regular one. I am relieved to see the forecast projecting temps in the high 70’s in the coming days. It will help forestall the blights and molds that accompany fall and tend to put a quick end to the life of many of our summer favorites. It has been interesting this season observing what does well and what does not in adverse conditions. It makes me wonder about the long term insofar as which way our local climate may shift and how do we as local food producers adjust and adapt. We are making lots of mental notes about which varieties did well despite the cold wet spring and very few summer days above 75 degrees. As bad as it has been, though I am amazed at the amount and diversity of produce we’ve been able to crank out.  This Week’s Box:LettuceBeets or chardCarrotsSweet onionGarlicSungold cherry tomatoes (a miracle in and of itself)Italian zucchiniGreen zucchiniCrookneckDill, parsley, or rosemaryPotatoes (a mix of All Blue and Yellow Finn)Easter Egg radishesRotational:Green pepperEggplantRed slicing tomatoes (We are getting a ridiculously small amount with each harvest, please be patient.)Green beans for half of you (next week the rest of you will get some)Red or green cabbage for half of you (next week the others will get some)Artichokes (half of you this week, half the next) We have found them to be virtually free of aphids now. Be brave!Will we ever have corn??? It is looking close. Maybe another week or two? We have three plantings in and they are coming along nicely. We just need a few more weeks of warm.A word on rotation: I know some of you fret when you see a crop listed in the newsletter that is not in your box. We keep careful records each week of who gets how much of what thing. It all evens out in the wash. Sometimes we choose to rotate crops so that you don’t get sick of things and sometimes we do it because there just isn’t quite enough to go around.  This year has been especially tough to meet the weekly quantity we had planned for. We do our best to make sure you have a good variety each week and are getting your money’s worth.

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