CSA Newsletter – Week 9 – August 15, 2018

by jennifer on August 15, 2018

summer week 9 2018
beets for half of you
cherry tomatoes
red tomatoes
sweet onion
rosemary, basil, dill, or cilantro
potatoes-either Russian Banana, Bintje, or French Fingerling
pickling (salad) cucumbers
lemon cucumber
green beans
Italian zucchini
patty pan squash

Corn: How very exciting! We have been anxiously awaiting its arrival. We’ve had it every night for dinner since last Friday. Eat it within a day or two, as the sugars turn to starch as soon as it is harvested. This variety is called “Cuppa Joe.” Corn variety names bring on a serious case of the eye-rolls for me. Who comes up with this stuff?
Pickling cucumbers: Don’t worry,  you don’t have to break out the canning kettle. These guys are sweet and tasty and are great for salads and snacking. Occasionally you may come across a bitter one, so take a bite before you add it to your dish. Peeling is optional.
Sweet Onion: The onions have finally sized up! This variety is fairly sweet, but may cause a little bit of eye watering upon cutting.
Lettuce: I forgot to mention last week that the deer having been going to town on our lettuce lately. This is the first year we’ve had a problem with deer in high summer. I imagine the prolonged heat and dry weather have reduced their usual food source, so they have started to dine at the Rising River Buffet. It is very frustrating how they take one or two bites out of each head rather than eat the entire thing.
Beet/chard rotation: The older chard patch needs a rest and the newer one isn’t quite ready. We will hand it out again in a week or two. (I suspect there are groans and hoorah’s in equal measure out there 😉 ) Chard, like cilantro, seems to be a love it/hate it thing. Not a lot of people on the fence about their chard preferences.

There is not much new to report out in the field. We are working our little tails off trying to weed, water, harvest, and distribute. The smoke has been a pretty crazy. I think we all feel like we inhaled chalk dust by the end of the day. What a wild summer. I sure hope this isn’t the new norm.

Stay cool and eat well. Until next week-Jen


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