CSA Newsletter -Week 9 -August 12, 2015

by jennifer on August 12, 2015

week 9 - large shareWhat’s In the Box:
French fingerling potatoes
walla walla onion
sungold cherry tomatoes
red tomatoes
dill or basil
green zucchini
italian zucchini
yellow crookneck
patty pan squash
cucumbers: lemon, pickling, amigo
red or green pepper-both are sweet
watermelon (to those who did not get it last week)
chard to half of you

Elaborations on Box Content:

Potatoes: French fingerling is the variety. The flesh is dense and waxy while the skin is tender. It is a fabulous roaster, steamer, or stew potato. Steam them and drizzle with garlic butter and you won’t be disappointed.
Corn: This is a bicolor called Cuppa Joe. Serously, who names these things? Our beloved Charisma was no longer available this year, so Cuppa Joe was supposedly the next best thing. It is quite tasty. Corn is best eaten as soon as possible because the sugars turn to starch once it is picked.
Walla Walla Sweet onions: They are the mildest onion we grow. Great raw.
Peppers: Large shares got Kapello, a sweet red bullhorn type. Use them as you would any red pepper. They are not as meaty as a bell, but the flavor is lovely.

Everything else should be familiar by now.

onions drying in the greenhouseIn addition to harvesting, watering, and weeding we are starting to haul in the onions to cure. So far 3 of 5 greenhouses are full of drying alliums. The recent call for showers had me a little nervous! As much as I want rain, I would like to get a few things under cover first!

Jim has been trying to fix our old, funky combine so we can harvest clover and rye seed from the overwintered cover crop. We could then replant it in a month or so, instead of buying more seed. His main road block is all the yellow jacket nests that are all over the thing. He can work on it early in the morning, but once things warm up it gets dangerous. He has only been stung once, but once is enough!

fall startsFall Starts:
If you are a gardener and want to put in some fall starts, we are selling fall starts through the Olympia Food Co-ops. I just made a delivery on Tuesday, so the racks are full. Kales, cabbages, spinach, dill, cilantro, mustard greens,and more. Sadly we don’t have room at our farmers market booths to sell them, but you can come to the farm if you call ahead.

We are off to a potluck, attended by many of our farmer and farm-lovin’ neighbors. (You know the food is going to be amazing!) What are we bringing? Watermelon, of course. We’ll also bring steamed French fingerling potatoes smothered in melted garlic butter and topped with black pepper and freshly minced parsley.

Gotta go cook!


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