CSA Newsletter – Week 8 – August 8, 2018

by jennifer on August 8, 2018


2018 week 8

This newsletter will be short and sweet. The heat is kind of kicking our butts lately. Thankfully we start at 6:00 AM and try to be done by 2:30 or 3:00, since we all become virtually worthless after that. Our crew have been real troopers sticking it out until the end.
It’s been a challenge keeping up with the watering, weeding, and harvest. But we are doing our best. Pickling cucumber harvest has begun which means 3 days a week we spend several hours harvesting cukes and then several more washing, sorting, and weighing the harvest. Today we hauled in roughly 700 lbs! I have enough years of perspective to know this frenzy will be temporary, so am trying not allow myself to get overwhelmed.

On that note, if you are interested in pickling cukes, beets, beans, or tomatoes for canning, let me know. We are entering the time of abundance. Our website has info on current pricing.

What’s In The Box: 
beets or chard
green onions
summer squash
fennel-large shares only
cabbage-small shares only
dill, cilantro, basil, or rosemary
potatoes-French fingerling
green beans
yellow wax beans-large shares only
slicing or lemon cucumber
cherry or slicing tomatoes

Yellow wax beans: They taste very similar to the green beans, though many on our crew prefer them flavor-wise. They cook up just like the greens. Small shares will get some eventually. We only grew a tiny patch, so we will rotate them around.
French fingerling potatoes: These are my favorite fingerling. The texture is creamy and buttery. The skins are thin and delicate. They are wonderful steamed, oven roasted, or made into Summer Vegetables Stewed In Their Own Juices. Or try the fingerling green bean salad with dill and parsley dressing.
Lemon cucumber: These are an old heirloom cucumber. They do not taste like lemon, but get their name from their appearance. No need to peel these guys. Just slice and eat.

I think everything else should be familiar.

I’m off to finally cook dinner. Something with tomatoes and cucumbers…. Stay cool and keep your fingers crossed for a little rain. Rumor has it we may see showers Friday and Saturday.

P.S. I fought my urge to just give up and order a pizza. (Farmers do that sometimes!) Instead I cranked up my favorite music and made this: Baked chicken breast, the potato/green bean/dill thing mentioned above, and chopped tomato and lemon cukes with cottage cheese. I am now pleasantly stuffed, happy, and ready for bed.



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