CSA Newsletter – Week 7 – July 30, 2014

by jennifer on July 30, 2014

What’s In the Box:
Beets or chard
Lettuce or green cabbage
Green beans
Green zucchini
Italian zucchini
Patty pan or yellow crookneck
Slicing cucumber
Pickling cucumbers
Dill & cilantro or Italian parsley & basil
Sungolds or red slicing tomatoes

I officially have “pickle brain.” This sustained heat is making the pickling cukes come on fast and furious. My three “succession” plantings are all coming on at once thanks to a number of factors, all weather related. We picked 50 crates today, after picking around 35 on Monday. It’s kind of crazy. We washed and sorted for hours and hours. Every time I close my eyes I see cucumbers. I’m sure I’ll be sorting in my sleep tonight.  After sending this letter out I will commence washing jars and gathering ingredients for a pickle-making marathon tomorrow night. Let me know if you need some….

Thankfully, my 16 year old son made dinner tonight. We had a chat the other day about how I would like other family members to cook dinner more and he said he’d like to learn how to cook more; win-win. I pack a CSA box for our house just so I get a sense of what you all experience. From the box he chose to fry potatoes in one pan and sautéed garlic, summer squash, scallions, carrots, and green beans in another. To accompany the cooked veggies, we enjoyed raw carrot sticks, kohlrabi half-moons, cucumber slices, and tomatoes. Delicious!

Let’s just dive right into the box contents and things that might need mentioning.
Lettuce: The deer, a rare problem for us, are going to town on the lettuce. They seem to treat it like a buffet and chomp the hearts out of the heads. This round of lettuce is located in the farthest field, near the woods. We’ll be planting later lettuce closer to the house, I’ll tell you what! Large shares only get one head today and small shares might get smaller heads. Some of you got green cabbage instead. Luckily there are a lot of other goodies to enjoy.  I have been hearing more coyotes lately, so hopefully the populations will balance out soon… if you catch my meaning. Otherwise, we might have to relent to our daughter’s persistent plea to get a new dog.
Potatoes: You get Red Chieftain today. Like last week, these are tender new potatoes, with delicate (albeit, kind of ugly) skins. You should refrigerate these babies until you are ready to eat them. Reds are great for pan fried potatoes or hash browns. They, like all new potatoes, are delicious simply steamed. The other day, I made a garlic butter to drizzle over the top and added minced fresh parsley. Mmmmm…
Tomatoes-you should have gotten either Sungold cherry tomatoes or red slicers. Tomatoes are kept best at room temperature. For some reason people tend to put them in the fridge, but don’t do that. It negatively affects the texture and flavor. Just try to use them within a few days, as if that should be a problem!
Cucumbers: We grow 3 types. Marketmore is a standard slicer. Green Finger looks like a small English cucumber. The skin is thin and delicate and they are always sweet. Lemon is round and yellow, hence the name, but tastes just like a cucumber, with a hint of melon.
Scallions: Most of you got a purple variety this week. They taste and behave just like the green ones. This may be the last week for them. We are hoping that the “real” onions will be ready next week!

Enjoy your veggies!

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