CSA Newsletter – Week 7 – July 29, 2015

by jennifer on July 29, 2015

Well, the heat is back and the fields are cranking out the produce. As you will see from today’s box, summer is on! We harvested an abundance of tomatoes and cucumbers today. The corn is looking close. Some of the tassels are browning, so it should be ready soon.

Now that the planting is nearly done, and the weeds are more or less under control, we will start to turn our attention to the next big undertaking: onion harvest. Our onions are dying back early this year due to the combination of extreme heat and downy mildew. The mildew only affects the tops, but it can stunt the onion’s growth. Most of the onions sized up decently, but we will have fair amount of smaller ones. As a cook, I love working with smaller onions. Sometimes I only need a little bit and I hate having half an onion in the fridge stinking it up! As a farmer, smaller onions are less desirable, as they don’t weigh very much compared to all the work we put into them. Ah, well. At least part of me will be satisfied!
The entire time we were packing the boxes this morning I was thinking of all of the things I wanted to make for lunch and dinner over the next few days:
Summer Vegetables Stewed In Their Own Juices
French Potato salad with mustard vinaigrette
New potato and beet salad

What’s In the Box:
beets or chard
sungolds (larges shares got a few red cherry toms, too)
red slicing tomatoes
dill or basil
an assortment of summer squash
green onions
potatoes-Yellow Finn
green, yellow, and/or purple beans
slicing cucumber
pickling (salad) cucumbers

I think all the contents are self explanatory. I will say one thing about tomatoes, though. Do not put them in your fridge. For some reason people put them in the fridge but that diminishes the flavor and texture. Find a nice pretty bowl and keep them on your counter.

Enjoy the bounty!


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