CSA Newsletter-Box 6-July 27th, 2011

by jennifer on July 27, 2011

This week’s letter will be short. It is my birthday and I am giving myself permission to flit around to the jobs of my choosing, (while still upholding my obligations, of course.) Though I’d much rather be swinging in the hammock with an iced coffee and a good book, I will type this letter, seed a bit more in the field and greenhouse, and try to knock off early.
There is not too much new and different going on this week anyway. Just like last week, we are in a weed-harvest-water mode. Steady-on…. The harvest is taking up more and more of our time, which translates into more variety for us to eat. Each week it seems like there is something new to add to the list. We are right on the cusp of lots of yummy things. A few new items to mention this week are green beans, pickling cucumbers, sungold cherry tomatoes (yes, you heard me), and basil.

Green beans: With two plantings coming on at once the harvest was bountiful. We have several tasty green bean recipes in the farm cookbook and on our website. Go to the recipe page or hit the green bean tab at the bottom of the web page. You should see beans fairly regularly for awhile.
Pickling cucumbers: Pickle madness has begun. We let the first flush get a little bigger so that you may enjoy some little cukes in your salad. Many of our market customers prefer the pickling cucumbers over the regular slicers. They tend to be less seedy and have a delightful taste. Occasionally they can be bitter so nibble a slice before committing them to a dish. The regular slicers and lemon cukes are still a ways off.
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes: Yes it seems a miracle to have any tomatoes of any kind this early given the season. Out of 600+ row feet of plants we got a meager 18 pints, so only some of you will see them today. We will continue to rotate these babies around until all is fair and square.
Basil: This is another rotation item. Half of you will receive an ounce or so today and the other half will see it next week. It has a very short shelf-life, so either use it within 2 days or freeze it for later use.
Giant zucchini in the barter box: It is only late July and already the zucchini are getting away from us! We try to save the more reasonable sized ones for your CSA shares and try not to put too many in. Break out your grandma’s best zucchini bread recipe or try out one of the many zucchini recipes on the website.

In This Week’s Box:
Beets of chard
Dill & cilantro, or parsley & basil
Green beans
Italian zucchini
Yellow crookneck squash
Pickling cukes

Sungold cherry tomatoes for some of you (rotated item)
Broccoli for some of you (rotated item)

Off to seeding I go….Enjoy!

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