CSA Newsletter – Week 5 – July 19, 2017

by jennifer on July 19, 2017

week 5

beets or chard
green onions
shell or snow peas
cucumber (half of you)


Potatoes-You either got Yukon gold (yellow) or Caribe (purple). Both are pretty versatile and delicious.
Cabbage-Aren’t they cute? Stressful spring weather=baby cabbages. You’ll see bigger ones as time goes on. This variety is sweet and delicious raw. I like to slice it thin and use it instead of lettuce on tacos or burritos. Or use it in  Spicy Cabbage Salad or Cabbage Peanut Slaw or Egg Rolls.
Everything else should be self-explanatory.

garlic harvest


garlic hanging
There is not much new to report this week. All the garlic is out of the field and hanging in the barn. We can cross that big job off the list. We are mostly weeding and watering like mad. We’ll start the pickling cucumber harvest on Thursday, which will add a whole new level of crazy to the farm (but a good crazy). On top of all the other field work and harvest we will pick cukes 3 days a week for the next 6 weeks. If you want to purchase some let me know and I can leave them with your CSA share at some point in the future. Refer to the pickle page for sizing, pricing, and other info.


We hope to start passing out slicing tomatoes and sungold cherry tomatoes next week. Green Beans are getting really close as well.

Enjoy your week!

Jen, Jim, and Crew

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