CSA Newsletter – Week 4 – July 8

by jennifer on July 8, 2015

We are in full swing around here. Each week the harvest ramps up a little bit more. I always look forward to eating each new addition to the harvest list. This week new potatoes, green beans, and cucumbers make an appearance. Thankfully it has been cooling down a bit, so cooking is more of an appealing prospect!

Our stalwart crew continues the never-ending battle with weeds.  For now, we are winning the fight. That may change soon as pickling cucumber season is upon us. We grow A LOT of pickling cucumbers and they need to be picked, washed, and sorted 3 days a week. That takes a fair bit of time away from everything else that needs to be done. Picking cukes is one of those jobs that no one particularly likes, so we try to get everyone out there so we can whip it out in a short amount of time. Pea and bean picking can be that way, too. One thing that is great about farm work on this kind of farm, is that you get to do something different everyday, all throughout the day. Any one crew member may be involved in irrigation, transplanting, harvesting, greenhouse work, CSA/order packing, trellis, pruning, or working at the market. Some days can be monotonous, like when there are 8 beds of carrots to weed, but there is comfort in knowing that tomorrow you get to do something different. As the season wears on, there are new crops to harvest, new tasks to undertake.

Feel like pickling?
If you wish to do some canning of cukes, call or email me your order and I can have it delivered with your CSA share. Throughout the season we will offer bulk amounts of various crops such as beans, tomatoes, and basil. We’ll be sure to mention it in the newsletters. Here are the pickle details:
2015 Pricing
mini $2.50/lb
small $2.00/lb
medium $1.75/lb
large $1.60

dill $3.00/bunch
garlic $12/lb

A Few Helpful Hints

-It takes about 1 pound of cucumbers to fill a quart jar regardless of size, if kept whole.
-1 bunch of dill is enough for 10 lbs of cucumbers.
-It is best to can your pickles within a few days of picking.

What’s In The Box:
beets or chard
sweet onion
baby lettuces
green beans
snow peas
pickling cukes (great on salads or just plain snacking)
summer squash-an assortment
dill, cilantro, or basil
broccoli for half of you (the rest will get it next week)
sungolds for only a few drop sites. We will start rotating these around

A Few Notes:
-We are between pea plantings. The older patch isn’t giving us much and the new patch isn’t quite on, so you will each get a smattering of snow peas.
-The green beans are just starting. You get the first sampling today.
-Sungold cherry tomatoes are also just starting to ripen, so we will rotate those around the pick up sites. A few of you got them today.
-Potatoes: We are so excited for potatoes to be ready. This variety is called California White. They are on the waxy spectrum of the texture scale. They are great steamed, fried, mashed, or used in potato salad. They are new potatoes meaning their skins haven’t set yet. Refrigerate them until you use them. You can peel some of the rougher skin off, but you don’t really need to.

Recipes Ideas:
For all that squash, try:
Zucchini Bisque
Broiled Zucchini Toasts
Zucchini Pizza Crust
Zucchini Strands with Basil
Slow-Cooked Zucchini Coins with Chopped Herbs and Crumbled Feta

Use your potatoes for:
New Potato and Beet Salad
Blue Cheese Garlic Potatoes
Or just steam them until tender and drizzle with plain or garlic butter. Yum!

Green Bean Ideas:
Green Beans with Walnuts, Balsamic, and Honey
Summer Medley with Potatoes and Green Beans

Happy Eating!

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