CSA Newsletter – Week 4 – July 12, 2017

by jennifer on July 12, 2017

week 4


Beets or chard
Shell or snow peas
Romaine-large shares only
Red leaf
Walla walla onion
Green onions
Cucumber or zucchini
Basil, cilantro, or Italian parsley

Today’s box has several new items. I am very excited about cucumber, which half of you got. (The others will next week.) This was a trial run of growing cukes early in the greenhouse. If only I could turn back the clock to April and plant 5 times as many. This variety has a nice thin skin, delicate texture, and sweet flavor.
Summer squash are finally abundant enough to start handing out. (As with the cucumber, half of you got it this week.) Usually we are up to our ears in squash by now, but the wet spring delayed our planting by about 3 weeks. We grow four types of summer squash (see picture). They can all be used interchangeably. Today we handed out either green or Italian zucchini.

summer quash
Perhaps the most exciting thing in the box today is new potatoes. Yes, they look a little rough, but that is just how it is with new potatoes. The skins have not set yet, so they peel even if you look at them wrong. We tried our best to balance cleaning and coddling them. Give them another little scrub before you cook them. The variety is called Red Chieftain is ideal for potato salad, home fries, and general use. However, I always like to enjoy the first new potatoes steamed until tender and drizzled with garlic butter (and parsley).

new potates


WEEDS! The weeds are kind of kicking our butt lately. We haven’t lost anything yet, but there is a sense of urgency. We were down several crew members last week to vacation and illness and we are feeling it. It is hard to just settle into weeding a bed of something knowing there are numerous other beds vying for our attention. This week everyone is back, refreshed and healthy, so we should make some serious progress. Isaac and Cylas are taking turns on the cultivating tractor tackling the paths and in between the rows, while the rest of the crew sweeps through with hoes and hands to get around the plants. Weeding can be tedious, so it is fortunate that our crew is full interesting and chummy folks. I love when I hear laughter emanating from the field. And on that note, I will end this letter now to go join in the weeding.

Enjoy the sun and your yummy veggies.

Jen, Jim, and the Crew

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