CSA Newsletter – Week 4 – July 11, 2018

by jennifer on July 11, 2018


I hope everyone was able to get their box last week. The holiday sort of muddled the deliveries a bit.

It looks we are actually going to have a summer this year. You never know here in the PNW. A solid week of 80’s and 90’s? I must say I am looking forward to it. We try to stick to a 6:00 am-2:30(ish) schedule so we can get a lot done, but have our afternoons free to nap, go to the river, and just enjoy summer. (I should clarify that the crew has this schedule. Jim and I somehow get sucked into work, though we are trying to have some relaxing time, too.)

beets or chard
pinto beans
green onions
snap or shell peas
parsley, basil, dill, or cilantro
green and/or Italian zucchini

Pinto Beans: We harvested these last fall. Pintos are perfect for refried beans, though they are equally delicious left whole. These beans will most likely cook faster than you are used to, so check on them after about 20 minutes. We recommend soaking dry beans for 6-8 hours to help with digestion. Discard soak water and replace with fresh. Never salt beans while cooking as it tends to harden the skin.
Fennel: It’ll be the one thing in your box you may not recognize. Fennel is most commonly used in Italian dishes, such as in a nice red sauce. The ferny fronds can be cut up into salad and the bulb chopped and added to sauces or braised in the oven. To be honest, fennel stumps me too. I don’t use it often. You may have to enlist google to help you with this one. We like to throw in an occasional oddball vegetable every now and again. It is a proven digestive aid. Nibble on the fronds or bulb at the end of a meal.
Zucchini (and other summer squash): We grow 4 types of summer squash. There is your standard green zuke that everyone knows and hopefully loves. Then we have an Italian type that is green, ribbed, speckled, and delicious. Patty pan looks like a yellow flying saucer and crookneck is like a creamy, yellow swan. All can be used interchangeably. Oh and there might be the occasional straight yellow zucchini thrown in, cuz why not?

Peas: We will see how they fare after our mini heat wave. They do NOT like excessively high temps so savor the ones you got today.
Kale: The spring round is winding down, but we will have plenty again in the fall.

Green beans: They are sooooo close! 1 or 2 weeks away?
New potatoes: We have about a dozen varieties planted. We’ve doing some experimental digging (and eating) and they are getting bigger.
Sungold cherry tomatoes: The plants are loaded and if the weather stays hot they will be here sooner than later. Nothing signals summer like a sungold.

Water, weed, harvest, repeat. Irrigation is a main focus right now, esp with the hot weather forecasted. We can only run 3 sets a day, and there is a lot to juggle when decided what set to run and when. Jim is the master of this task. He must weigh factors such as what will we be harvesting or weeding and at what time during the day. If we just transplanted or seeded, that has to be considered as well. We prefer to keep the pipe moving through the field in a linear fashion and avoid hopscotching around too much. He is like a chess player with irrigation; always looking a few steps ahead. He has also been known to get up at 2:00 to turn off a set. That, my friend, is dedication.

I’m off to make dinner. Until next week….

Jen, Jim, and Crew



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