CSA Newsletter- Week 3 – July 2, 2014

by jennifer on July 2, 2014

20140702_122135I hope you all were able to enjoy the crazy hot temperatures on Tuesday. Every time it gets that hot I thank my lucky stars that anything above 85 is an anomaly here and not the norm. I could not imagine farming in any other region. Here on the farm, we start work early and are usually done by 3:00 or 3:30, (Well at least the crew is. I don’t know that Jim and I are ever really “done.”) The crew and the veggies prefer the cooler hours of the day. The other bonus is that after work there is plenty of time to take a swim in the river and/or nap in the shade. It is amazing how accomplished you feel when you start work at 6:30.

What‘s is the box:
Red leaf or red butter head for large shares
Beets or chard-You know you can use beet greens the same as you use chard.
Dill & Cilantro or Parsley & Summer savory
Shell peas
Snow peas or broccoli
Green zucchini
Scarlet queen turnips-These are a bright pink salad turnip. They are sweet and crisp-perfect on a salad, topping for tacos, or added to spring rolls.

It is time to break out all the zucchini recipes that you know and love so well. Today you will see the first cut of green zucchini. By next week you should be seeing yellow crookneck, an Italian striped zucchini, and yellow patty pan. Summer squash in general can be thrown in to just about any savory recipe. There are scads of desserts with summer squash as well. Chop it, shred it, or cut it into rings…get creative! Squash has a pleasant, subtle flavor that won’t overwhelm a dish. Rather it adds more color and texture to your recipes. Larger squash can be cut lengthwise in planks, marinated in olive oil and minced herbs (or tamari) and crushed garlic, and grilled on the bbq. That’s what we are doing tonight-with summer savory no less.

Speaking of herbs, here is a handy guide that offers suggestions of which herbs go with which vegetables. Also, I asked Chie, one of the produce buyers from the Olympia Food Co-op, who is a fabulous cook, what she does with summer savory. Here is what she said,
“I just used the herb with my yummy Yukon Golds, garlic and Coconut oil or butter. I also love to use it in dressings. I make a non mayo based slaw that I like to chop it into as well.
I added some into my Oregon grown black beans with seared crimini mushrooms the other day which was awesome as well. I haven’t paired it with any meats yet, but I would think it would go so well with garlicky lamb meatballs or roasted herb chicken.” Thanks Chie!

Here are a few suggestions for this week:
Stuffed Swiss Chard Leaves
Zucchini with Lemon
Slow cooked Zucchini Coins with Herbs and Feta
Chocolate Zucchini Cake
Dilled Carrot & Pea Pod Salad

The big project of the week is harvesting all the garlic. I mentioned it last week, but now we are really going for it! To do this we loosen it from the soil with the digger bar on our tractor. Then we pull it up, rub the dirt off, and tie it in bundles of 10. Then we’ll hang it from the rafters of our barn where it will cure, and ideally keep for many months. We are thankful to have nice dry weather to accomplish this task. That is not always the case!


We hope you enjoy your veggies!


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