CSA Newsletter – Week 3 – July 1, 2015

by jennifer on July 1, 2015

Phew! It is hot out there! This summer is unbelievable. Is this really the Pacific Northwest in July? This newsletter will be brief, as I am pretty brain dead by the end of the work day.

A general update/overview of the fields: The crops are growing by leaps and bounds. Many things are proving to be early this year.  Green beans and cucumbers are not too far away, and I must confess that I ate a ripe sungold cherry tomato the other day. So far we are still able to keep up on the weeds. It is a constant battle, but we keep plugging away. Plant, weed, water, weed, water, weed, water, harvest-this is our rhythm. (Did you notice all the weeding we do?) In hot, dry seasons such as this, we are thankful for our heavy soil. It can be a curse in the spring when we are waiting for it to dry out enough to plant into, but right now we are grateful for its water holding capacity. We can only run so many irrigation sets in a 24 hr period. Jim, bless him, even gets up in the middle of the night to turn off lines. He has an uncanny internal alarm clock that wakes him up to shut off a line.

What’s In The Box:
beets or chard
shell peas
snap peas
snow peas-large shares only
walla walla onion
summer squash-green, Italian, or crookneck (see picture)
white turnips (small shares only, in with your peas)
scarlet turnip (large shares only, still has tops)
basil, dill, or cilantro
baby cabbage
kohlrabi-large shares only
broccoli-to the half of you that didn’t get it last week

summer quashA medley of squash: green zucchini, patty pan, crookneck, costata romanesco

Recipe Suggestions:
This heat can really suck the motivation right out of you when it comes to cooking. That can be mighty disappointing when you have just brought home a box of delicious vegetables! Luckily, most everything in your box can be eaten raw. There is an endless number of salad dressings that can make each salad seem like a new dish. Try adding proteins like nuts, tuna, bacon, or a yummy organic rotisserie chicken from Farm Fresh Market to your salad. Enjoy the summer evening out in the yard with a heaping bowl of fresh, raw deliciousness.

If you are really inspired to whip up a little something, check out these two blogs. The first is written by a woman who is very familiar with the joys, and challenges, of using up a CSA share. It is called Cook With What You Have. I have only read a few entries so far, but I love her style. Her blog is just what it suggests- how to improvise with whatever you received in your box and/or whatever is kicking around your kitchen. I think a lot of folks get stuck thinking they need a precise recipe with exact amounts. She puts you at ease and teaches you how to wing it.
Another blog that is pretty fun, but not for the faint of heart, is Thug Kitchen. It has a fair bit of swearing, but is pretty hilarious to read. And the recipes are great, too. You have been warned.
Other recipe suggestions:
beet sandwiches
honey balsamic beet salad
green smoothie with chard
Peas in Toasted Sesame Seed Vinaigrette
Dilled Carrot & Pea Pod Salad
Asian Noodles with Peas and Greens

That’s all for tonight! Keep cool and enjoy yourselves!


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