CSA Newsletter – Week 18 – October 14, 2015

by jennifer on October 14, 2015

This is the last delivery for the main season CSA

(Fall shares will begin October 24th/25th)

Sigh. Another summer season has come and gone. It happened so fast! Each year the cycle spins around just a little faster. We are glad you joined us on this little ride and hope you will continue to visit us at the Farmers Markets in Olympia and Tacoma (Proctor) until next year’s CSA starts again. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that we are nourishing so many folks in the community.

I think I can speak confidently on behalf of our crew that we are all looking forward to a reduced (theoretically) work schedule. We can now enjoy later morning start times, earlier bed times, and hunkering down in front of our respective wood stoves and heaters, bowl of soup in hand, long abandoned books and projects ready to be taken up again. When I was younger, I always dreaded the dark, rainy season. Now I almost welcome it. Rest, and perhaps even a little boredom?????

In the next few weeks we will try to get this place all buttoned up for the winter. Like kids who have had their fun playing with the blocks and legos, we now have to clean it all up. There is drip tape to roll up, trellises to take down, tools to put away, supplies to organize and inventory, greenhouses to clean, pots and flats to put in lofts; it’s a pretty long list and not terribly fun. But it has to get done, so we’ll brew the coffee and carry on. Because we live in a flood plain, we have to put away all the non-essential items now, while we have the luxury of time. It’s no fun to do during a flood. We have a half a dozen crew sticking around into the fall/winter so we’ll get it done.

Once again we have another stretch of dry weather. We were able to get the garlic in last week. Approximately 12,000 garlic cloves got poked in the ground by the fingers of our crew. It is kind of a fun job if the soil is nice and fluffy, which thankfully, it was.  Jim is diligently working his way through the fields tilling in expired crops and planting cover crop. Yep, we are just pluggin’ along, gearing up for the next phase….

Signing up for 2016 CSA
We hope you will join us for 2016. You will be able to sign up starting the first week in January. I will send out a reminder email with a link. You can also check our website.
In the meantime, we welcome your feedback about our CSA, the good and the bad. We all hate the “rate this on a scale from 1-5” type survey, so instead we encourage you to drop us a line or stop by market and let us know if you have any suggestions for next season. Jim and I usually have a debriefing meeting in November to strategize about the next season. We are by no means stuck in a rut and are always open to exploring new crops. Feedback on quantity and quality are also very helpful.

So Now What?
The CSA is over, maybe you didn’t get a fall share but you’ve become accustomed to eating farm fresh veggies, so what do you do? Both the Olympia and Tacoma Proctor markets are open through the winter and we will be there with a wide array of veggies. We even have some lettuce going in the greenhouses. Go to our market page for hours and directions. You can also shop at the Olympia Food Co-ops and Farm Fresh Market who buy a lot of produce from local farms.

Social Media/Website:

It is my goal this winter to add more recipes to our website. Keep checking back and explore the recipe tag cloud. We are also on Facebook. That is the easiest way for me to share pictures and interesting farmy links. I am still trying to figure out Instagram, Pinterest, and some of those others. I must admit I have little patience for it, so bare with me! I grew up with a DOS computer and dial-up internet. I’d rather be in the dirt than on the keyboard.

How to store your storage shares:
Winter squash: It will be happy just hanging out in the kitchen or dining room. Create a little fall shrine that will make Martha Stewart proud. Inspect periodically for soft spots and eat those squash first.
Onions, garlic, shallots: Add a handful of each to your fall shrine and tuck the rest away in a cool, dark cupboard, closet, or cooler room in your house.
Potatoes: These are dirty on purpose. Potatoes store longer in an unwashed state. Dump them out into paper bags and store the closed bags in a cool, dark room. An unheated garage or outbuilding could work as long as it doesn’t freeze and you can keep the little rodents away.
It is a good idea to perform a periodic inspection of all your storage stuff just in case something isn’t holding up.

Once again, thank you for joining our CSA. We look forward to feeding you next year! Have a restful fall/winter.

Your Farmers,
Jen & Jim

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