CSA Newsletter – Week 17 – October 8, 2014

by jennifer on October 8, 2014

Romanesco Romanesco


You should consider bringing bags with you to the pickup site next week to transfer your produce into. That way you can leave your wax box at the site and not have to worry about how to get it back to us. Next week would also be a good time to return all the wax boxes you keep forgetting to return!

It looks like rain (and lots of it) are on the horizon. We are scrambling to get the last few fall tasks done. Most of the garlic is planted. We hope to finish that tomorrow. Jim has been discing and cover cropping as much as he can. The coming rain will be perfect for watering it all in.

parsnips parsnips

What’s in the box:
Butternut squash
Delicata squash
Red onion
Yellow onion
Cippolini onion
Romanesco or summer squash
Beets or kale

Parsnips: They look like large, white carrots. The flavor is sweet, earthy, and…well…parsnip-like. They are best cooked. You can add them to mashed potatoes, chunk them up and add to soups, stews, meat roasts, or root veggie oven roasted. They really sweeten up when you cook them. You could also make parsnip fries.
Romanesco: All of the large shares and some small shares got one. It looks like a hunk of coral. It is a cross between broccoli and cauliflower, with a flavor and texture more on the cauliflower spectrum. Cut it into florets and steam as you would cauliflower. It is delicious. But first, take a moment to marvel at the amazing spirals and patterns. Veggie meditation.
Butternut squash: This is the quintessential squash. Butternuts are great because there is so much meat in each one, thanks to a small seed cavity. Prepare as you would any other winter squash. Here is the link again to the radio interview with a food writer who had all sorts of good things to say about winter squash and offered a few recipe ideas.

Fall Shares:
We still have a few early and late fall shares left. Or if you found yourself regretful that you didn’t order a storage share, we have a few of those left too. Follow this link to sign up.

Happy eating!

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