CSA Newsletter Week 17

by jennifer on October 9, 2013

watermelon radish

What’s In The box

Green cabbage
Scarlet queen turnip
Watermelon radish
Yellow & red onions
Yellow & red cipollini onions
Pie pumpkin
Acorn squash
Beets or chard
Kale-either red Russian or Winterbor
Red chieftain potatoes

You’d better bring your back brace to pick up your CSA share today, or a strapping young high school kid to carry it to and from the car. We were all a little dubious about the boxes being able to close. This time of year everything seems to be big and heavy. Also, since it is the second to last delivery, we wanted to load you up a little more with storage stuff.

Today’s potatoes are red Chieftain. They are unwashed so they will store longer. You can put them in the fridge or keep them in a cool, dark place (garage, outbuilding, pantry, etc.) You got a lot of onions as well. Those can just hang out on your kitchen counter (with your winter squash collection). They will last for months and months, or have the potential too, but you know you’ll eat them long before that. We finally have carrots again. That is very exciting. Our last 2 plantings hosted every single carrot rust fly for three counties around, or at least it seemed like it. We were all pleasantly surprised with this batch. You get another scarlet queen turnip and a watermelon radish. No, it doesn’t taste like watermelon (darn) but like a sweet and spicy radish. It is really beautiful when cut into rings. You got a few more squash to add to the fall shrine; acorn and pie pumpkin. I’d say they are all sweet enough to eat. I made my first pumpkin pie last night, in fact.

And don’t forget to roast your pumpkin seeds! See this recipe for tamari roasted seeds.

This week had significantly less drama than last. The weather has been mellow, downright pleasant I’d say. Right now I am perched at my kitchen table basking in the sun while I sip coffee and digest my lunch of very garlicky fried red chieftain potatoes. As you know, Saturday and Sunday were absolutely gorgeous and the crew was willing to give up a weekend day to help us plant the garlic. (HUGE sigh of relief.) Jim was also able to get a bunch more cover cropping done before the rains returned Monday. The crows are out there now enjoying the rye/clover buffet-a yearly tradition it seems. We try to plant enough so that a little feasting from local birds won’t affect the stand too much.

The crew is slowly shrinking down in number as people go off to winter jobs, travel, or school. Later in the month most everyone will be gone except for Isaac. So even though there is theoretically less to do, we are as busy as ever. While there are still folks around, we are trying to finish up fall chores and tidy up the farm. By season’s end, the farm looks a lot like my daughter’s room – stuff everywhere! Last week’s flooding was a good reminder not to let end-of-the-season-burnout make us put off flood proofing. There are a lot of flotsam and jetsam involved in farming and at some point we have to organize it and put it all away.

NEXT week is the last CSA delivery of the main season. Please return any wax boxes that you may have stockpiled in your garage. We recommend you bring your own bags to load your last share into so you don’t have to deal with getting us your box.

FALL SHARES STILL AVAILABLE. They start the weekend of the 26th. Sign up now!

STORAGE PRODUCE FOR SALE: We have all sorts of veggies that will easily last for months in a garage, outbuilding, or cool room in your house. Place an order by Monday and we can deliver it with your CSA share next week or you can pick it up at the Olympia, Tacoma, or Yelm Farmers market. Just give us a few days to get your order together. The following is what we have available:

Yellow or red storage onions 10 lbs/$15 25 lbs/ $32

Yellow or red cipollini onions 10 lbs/$28

Shallots 5 lbs/$18.75 10 lbs/32.50

Potatoes: red chieftain, russet, Yukon gem, Russian banana
10 lbs/$12 25 lbs/$25 (These are unwashed and unsorted-field run)

Winter squash:
delicata or acorn: 10 lbs/$15 25 lbs/$31.25
Pie pumpkin, kabocha, butternut: 10 lbs/$12 25lbs/$25

Beets: 5 lbs/$7 10 lbs/ $13

Kraut cabbage: $1/lb

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