CSA Newsletter – Week 16 – October 4, 2017

by jennifer on October 4, 2017

week 16


beets or chard
red onion
green beans-large shares only
Japanese eggplant
acorn squash
red pepper-large shares only
kale (Russian, curly, or Lacinato)

turnips and parsnips

turnips and parsnips


Acorn Squash: Like I said last week, it’s best to wait another week or two before you eat it, so it can sweeten up a bit. Acorn, is one of the milder flavored squashes. You most often see recipes that call for adding honey or brown sugar. You are going to have to google suggestions for this one. I have to get back out to the field to help with harvest. Good thing you have a few weeks to find a good one. Meanwhile, add it to the fall shrine.
Turnip: This is the white root with the purple top. It looks very similar to a rutabaga, I know, except it is a brighter white and usually a little smaller. You can cook with them or eat them raw. It’s like a radish on steroids. Kinda sweet, kinda spicy, very brassica.
Parsnips: They look like white carrots. We did an experimental dig just to see how they were coming along. They are still a little small, as you can see. They have a sweet, earthy flavor and are best cooked. We like to toss them with olive oil and salt and oven roast them in the oven or add them to soups or pot roasts. Parsnip fries are also stellar.
Potatoes: You have had this type a few times before. They are very versatile and can be used for nearly any application.

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Oklahoma. I flew out last Thursday, spent a few days with family and friends, then spent 3 days driving back to WA with my mom. It was pretty wild to traverse through such varied landscapes and weather in such a short window of time. We went from warm sun in OK, to snow and low visibility in CO and WY, then back to beautiful sunshine in ID, OR, and WA. It is good to be home and I am grateful for a few more days of sun here on the farm so we can keep plugging away at the fall chores. Thank you all for your patience in my absence. I hope I got back to everyone who might have called or emailed about something.

potato digger


POTATO HARVEST: Jim and the crew are out there right now digging all the potatoes for fall/winter storage. We have a very old, cantankerous potato digger that gets dragged behind the tractor. It digs the potatoes out of the ground, bumps them along a conveyor belt chain, and 4 crew members stand alongside and bag them up. It is pretty cool to watch. Once the spuds are dug and bagged, we will store them in the barn in a dark room for fall and winter use.


potato digger 2

Potato digger in action

That’s it for today. I feel a little guilty in here on the computer when there is time-sensitive field work to do.


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