CSA Newsletter – Week 16 – October 3, 2018

by jennifer on October 3, 2018

2018 week 16WHAT’S IN THE BOX:
beets or chard
dill, parsley, or rosemary
sweet peppers
yellow onions
red onions
acorn squash

Potatoes-Amorosa: You’ve gotten these once or twice before. They are a nice roasting potato or would make a nice addition to a hearty fall soup.
Acorn squash: This is probably the most recognizable squash. It is not as sweet as delicata, hence the tendency for folks to bake this variety with butter and brown sugar. You may want to let it sit around for a few weeks to sweeten up. A quick google search for Acorn recipes yielded this gem:
22 recipe ideas for acorn.
Rutabaga: It looks like a turnip and has a similar flavor, though it is more subtle and earthy. You’ll want to peel it, as the outer skin can be a little tough. I love to mix it in with mashed potatoes using a 1:5 ruta to potato ratio. It adds another level of flavor, richer and more complete. It’s hard to describe, but is seriously worth a try. Go to our rutabaga page for more recipe ideas.
Everything else should be familiar.

Boy was it chilly this morning! One of our employees reported frost at her place, but thankfully we were spared. I’m not quite ready for that! The fields are looking neat and tidy these days. Jim and Alex have tilled in the majority of old crops and weedy patches. Cover crop that was spread last week is now sprouting and resembles beard stubble poking through the dirt. Recent rains followed by sunny afternoons allowed much of the cover crop to sprout before the birds got to it. Between the crows, red winged black birds, and a few persistent pigeons, it is a wonder anything came up!

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