CSA Newsletter-Week 16-October 3, 2012

by jennifer on October 5, 2012

It has been a busy week and I am pooped! We have been having nightly frosts and that has shifted our priority list a bit. After Tuesday night’s frost we HAD to get the winter squash out of the field or lose it. Thank to our crew’s willingness to work a little later we managed to fill 8 giant bins of assorted squash. What a relief to have that done. The frost has also spelled an end to a variety of crops like tomatoes. We picked them hard the other day in anticipation of the frosts, so they may be a little less ripe in your box. Here is the quick and dirty about what is in your box today. (Mind you, the following box content reflects the weekend shares. A few modifications had to be made from the mid-week box.)

1. The squash you got today is called Delicata. It is the cylindrical yellow thing with green stripes. It will taste better if you have the discipline to let it sit around for a week or two. Just keep it out on your kitchen counter and enjoy as fall decor. Winter squash is one of the crops that tastes better with age. I’ll suggest some recipes next week.
2. Potatoes: You get purple potatoes today. They are a flakier potato. They are purple on the inside, but the color pales when they are cooked. They are good roasted, baked, mashed, or made into “smashed potatoes” (see our website for recipe.)
3. Carrots: the carrots are topless today and in your carrot bag are a few purple carrots. I was hoping they would be the long pretty purple carrots you often see at farmers markets, but instead they are super short. Hmph! Guess I didn’t read the fine print. Anyway, the flavor is carroty, but different than the orange ones. I cooked some last night and like the flavor better that way, though usually I think cooking a carrot is a travesty. (They are just so good raw!)
4. The bigger onions you got are “Candy”-a little sweet, a little pungent. The smaller yellow ones are “Copra” which is all pungency. The reds are similar to Candy on the sweet/pungency scale.
5. Kale: You get the curly one today. We did our best to avoid leaves with the little visitors, but there are bound to be a few. Just wash the bunch thoroughly before you pack it away.
6. Green kohlrabi and scarlet queen turnips. Both are delightful raw. Peel kohlrabi first, but the queen can keep her skin.
7. Italian parsley is the herb of the day.
8. I can’t believe we STILL have tomatoes! You get sungolds and red slicers for one more week. I wouldn’t count on any next week. The forecast just gets colder and colder. Brrrr!
9. The cabbage today is a crazy looking creature called “Late Flat Dutch.” It is often used for making kraut, mostly due to its shape and thus ease of cutting. How about whipping up a little batch? Not a fermentation fan? Enjoy it cooked or raw as you would standard green cabbage. Thinly sliced cabbage shreds make a great sub for lettuce on tacos, burritos (anything Mexican) and on sandwiches. Or whip up a batch of cole slaw with the grated purple carrots.
10. Watermelon radish: I found a little patch of these that I forgot I had planted. So here you go. (They look like baby turnips that are white on the outside and pink on the inside. Very sweet.)

Keep warm, enjoy the sun, and eat well-Jen

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