CSA Newsletter-Week 16

by jennifer on October 2, 2013

Chehalis River at Bridge

Today’s CSA share includes:
Beets or chard
Pie pumpkin
Acorn squash
Red & yellow onion
Red & yellow cipollini onions
Kale-either red Russian or Curly
Russet Potatoes
Scarlet queen Turnip
Red cabbage
Green pepper-regular shares only

CSA week 16

What crazy weather! As you may have surmised, we had a little bit of flooding here in the valley these past few days. I have never seen flooding in September in the 17 years I have lived here. Mid to late November is usually the first taste of high water. We’ve almost had to cancel Thanksgiving at least 6 times, but a late September flood? Crazy, I tell you! Our 4th field and half of the 3rd spent a good 24 hours underwater. Luckily we were pretty much done with crops in those fields anyway. They are lower lying and are prone to seasonal flooding so we purposefully avoid planting late crops there. However, we were not finished tilling in old beds and planting cover crop. Rumor has it that later this week will be dry so maybe, just maybe, we can get that garlic planted and try to cover crop more. I see several 12-hour workdays in our future….

mud boots

Rain or shine, I tell you, this crew works hard. On Monday, decked out in full rain gear and mud boots, they squelched and squirched along hauling the rest of the winter squash out of the field by the wheel barrow load. Usually we drive the tractor through the patch and toss squash right into the bins, which is how we harvested the first half. However, the heavy rains saturated the ground and we surely would have sunk up to the axels had we tried. Through rains squalls and beautiful sun bursts they finished the task and ALL OF THE SQUASH IS IN! Phew, another chore to cross off the list.

Today’s box clearly represents the shift in weather. There will be no last dose of summer squash or handful of beans (those are presently under water) to ease us through this transition. No, it is full-on autumn; kale, leeks, the sweetest fall turnips you ever had, winter squash, and other cooler weather veggies


CIPOLLINI ONIONS-red and yellow. These small, flat onions are an Italian type. They really sweeten up when you cook them and are the best for caramelizing.
PIE PUMPKIN: As with the delicata last week, you should this one sit around for a bit. You could create a little shrine to Autumn where you place your winter squash, onions, fall leaves, acorns, etc. I’m sure Martha Stewart has a whole magazine issue about how to use fall storage produce as house decor. FYI, if you ever bake up a squash of any kind and it turns out to be a bland disappointment, use it to make Cinderella pumpkin muffins. They are anything but a disappointment.
ACORN SQUASH: Ditto the letting it sit for a week or two and/or using it for muffins.
RED CABBAGE: Just because you don’t have lettuce doesn’t mean you can’t have salad. Try this recipe for sesame kale cabbage salad. It is delicious.
SCARLET QUEEN TURNIPS: Fall is the best time for these. They are so sweet and refreshing. We usually just cut them up raw and put them out on the dinner table.
RUSSET POTATOES: They may not be your standard Idaho lunkers but they still make fine mashed potatoes and hash browns. I always forget good russets are for mashed potatoes. They are so fluffy. I think I might have to make some for dinner….

If you are enjoying this fall fare and want four more weeks of it, we still have Fall Shares left. You can sign up online or print out and mail in a form.

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