CSA Newsletter – Week 15 – September 23, 2015

by jennifer on September 23, 2015


It is officially fall. Dried leaves are scattering themselves all around and the geese are talking loudly about their travel plans south. Your box today reflects this shift in season. Kale, delicata summer squash, and finally some decent broccoli will grace your dinner table this week.  We are mid-way through the squash harvest so you will be seeing a few more varieties before the season is done. Since we have a few new items in the box, let’s get right to it.

Delicata squash is long and yellow with green stripes (see photo). It is for me, hands down, the best winter squash ever. The flesh is rich, sweet, and creamy and the skin is so thin that you can actually eat it. No need for brown sugar or honey on these babies. Take a stroll through our website’s recipe section for some sweet or savory recipe ideas for delicata.

Kale: We grow 3 types. Red Russian is a smoother, flatter leaf with purple ribbing and stems. It is the sweetest and most tender of the 3. It lends itself well to green smoothies, salads, kale quesadillas (it’s in the recipe section), and kale chips. Curly kale is like the stuff you are used to seeing in the grocery store. It is a little hardier and great for soups or in rice dishes. Lacinato is very dark green, elongated and almost blistered looking. It is the best for kale chips or a kale Caesar salad. It also is the hardest one to grow. We should know by now to plant twice as much as we think we need.


Red Russian, Lacinato, & Curly Kale

Purple potatoes: These are pretty awesome potatoes, full of cancer fighting nutrients.The flesh is a little on the flaky side. They are great mashers or try making “smashed potatoes” (in the recipe section.) We also gave you some reds for a colorful spud medley. We know the potatoes are looking a little ugly these days. The spuds from this particular section of field are pretty scabby. It is just a surface thing and is not harmful. Just do a rough peeling to get the scabby parts off and you are good to go.

Broccoli: I only mention it because our summer broccoli and kohlrabi plantings suffered mightily in the heat. I feel like we planted a ton, but we got very little in return (besides a huge increase in aphid and flea beetle population.) I was very excited to see such lovely broccoli today. I highly recommend the broccoli cheddar soup in our recipe section.

This week is the last delivery for the Height of the Season share. The rest of you have 3 more deliveries. If you height of the seasoners want to keep getting a share, let me know. Small shares will be $66 and large shares $87 to finish out the season. We also have a few more early fall, late fall, and storage shares left. Go to our website to sign up or send me an email and I can sign you up.

Enjoy your veggies-Jen

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