CSA Newsletter – Week 14 – September 20, 2017

by jennifer on September 20, 2017

week 14

This week is the last week for the Height of the Season share.

If you wish to continue on for the last 4 weeks of the main season, let me know and I’ll sign you up. The cost is $116 for the large share and $99 for the small.

We also offer a few fall and storage share options.
EARLY FALL SHARE: $115 Four additional deliveries starting October 28/29th. Enjoy a wide diversity of hearty winter crops like carrots, beets, turnips, rutabaga, parsnips, cabbage, winter squash, leeks, kale, chard, lettuce, arugula, dill, cilantro, potatoes, onions, shallots, and garlic. Since these crops store so well, we only offer one size. We only offer weekend delivery of the fall share. You can pick it up at the farm, the Olympia Farmers Market, or the Tacoma Proctor Farmers Market.

LATE FALL SHARE: $115 Yet another 4 weeks of yummy fall goodness. Delivery starts a week after the EARLY FALL SHARE ends.

STORAGE SHARE: $75 This share will consist of 10 lbs yellow onions, 2 lbs red onions, 2 lbs cipollini onions, 2 lbs shallots, 1 lb garlic, 5 lbs each of 2 types of potatoes, & 15 lbs assorted winter squash. This share will be delivered the 3rd week in October at the pick-up site of your choosing.

BALANCE ON YOUR CURRENT CSA SHARE: Most of you are paid in full, others are following and installment plan, and others…well… perhaps we’ve fallen off your radar. Please refer to the email from which this newsletter link was attached to see what you still owe. Please have your share paid in full by Oct 1st or contact me with a proposed payment plan. Thank you.

beets or chard
spinach-small shares
Red Russian kale-large shares
lemon cucumber
summer squash
green cabbage to half of you
cauliflower-large shares only
red, orange, or green pepper-all are sweet
yellow onion
Amarosa Fingerling potatoes
basil or parsley
red tomato
green beans

Boy, the harvest volumes are sure dropping with the shift in weather. Once upon a time you were getting 4 squash in your box, but now only one. Ditto cucumbers. Shorter days, colder nights, and now the rain will all affect what is available. The shift in season brings new crops as well. Before long you will be seeing rutabaga, turnips, and winter squash. But for now, lets just savor the last remnants of summer.

We are in scramble mode here at the farm. Now that rains are becoming a frequent visitor, we need to get cracking on the potato and winter squash harvest and get the garlic and cover crop planted. In a way it’s like spring again where it all needs to happen now! I look forward to the time when those big jobs are done and we can coast along for a bit, pecking away at daily small harvests and sticking to our market/CSA/Co-op delivery routine.

Jen, Jim, and Crew

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