CSA Newsletter Week 14

by jennifer on September 18, 2013

What’s in the box:
Green cabbage
An assortment of fingerling potatoes
Green beans
Sweet onion
Red onion
Kale-either red Russian or curly
Chard or beets
An assortment of summer squash
Scarlet queen turnips
Lemon cucumber
English cucumber

We have been graced with a few more bonus days of sun and dry. When I checked the weather Monday it seemed like the fall rain and gloom had settled in for good. We were feeling pretty bummed as there is still a lot to do before the weather shifts. Between rain squalls, we hauled all the onions into the greenhouses to finish curing. (They were so close to being done!) Ah well. What can you do? Of course the sun came out later that day and it was absolutely gorgeous yesterday and supposedly will be through Thursday. At least they are all safely under cover and drying very quickly. Cross that one off the list!

potato digger

I feel like we are in scurry mode. Quick, get the onions in! Hurry, get the potatoes dug! Andale, get those dry beans picked! Make room for the winter squash! Quickly, quickly now! If I were to personify my inner dialogue it would look like a much gruffer and desperate version of me, standing on the porch, one foot on the rail, bullhorn in hand, and shouting orders like the captain of a ship. Luckily for everyone my outer dialogue is much more mellow and pleasant. Actually, we are getting a lot done. In addition to the onions being safely under cover, the potatoes are being dug this very moment. I hear the hum of the tractor as I type. We borrowed a handy little implement from another farm down the road (we live in such a sharing neighborhood!) This digger gets pulled behind the tractor and gently digs up the potatoes and plops them down on the soil surface for the crew to pick up. We will then bag and stack them in the barn and tuck them under blankets to keep out the light. Once the crew goes home for the day, Jim will hop back on the tractor to finish liming parts of the field and hopefully getting some cover crop in.

Today’s box very much reflects the sudden change in season. Instead of heaps of tomatoes you will see sweet, tender cabbage and more yummy broccoli. Kale is also new on the scene. We grow lacinato, red Russian, and winterbor (the standard curly one). We will rotate these varieties around so that we can keep the patch evenly picked. Kale-a vegetable once hated and now adored by yours truly. Before I grew kale myself, if you were to have served it to me, I would have politely moved it around my plate making it look like I was actually eating it, and then run off to clear my plate while your back was turned. But now I love it. Picked fresh it can be added to a green salad. Kale chips and kale quesadillas are enjoyed regularly at my house (see recipes links below).

FALL CSA-Enjoy 4 more weeks of veggie goodness!

There are 4 more deliveries after this week. Why not sign up for 4 more? We are once again offering our Fall CSA share that will begin the weekend of October 26th and will continue weekly for 4 weeks. Due to reduced crew, reduced daylight, and overall sanity and efficiency, we only offer weekend delivery on the fall shares. You can pick it up at the Olympia Farmers Market, the Tacoma Proctor Market, or the farm on either Saturdays or Sundays. We are planning to offer the following crops: beets, carrots, cabbage, chard, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuce, onions, parsnips, several varieties of potatoes, pie pumpkins, shallots, turnips, rutabagas, and several varieties of winter squash. Sign up online or download a PDF registration and mail it in. The cost is $110 for 4 weeks.

Broccoli and stems with toasted sesame seeds
Cream of broccoli soup
Egg rolls
Kale chips -lacinato is my favorite for this, though any type will do.
Kale quesadillas– red Russian is my favorite for this, though again, any kale will do.

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