CSA Newsletter – Week 13 – September 9, 2015

by jennifer on September 9, 2015

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It seems as though summer is back. You will hear no complaints from us. I don’t think we are quite ready for gray skies and endless rain. Everything is still good and watered, so we can enjoy this bonus sunshine without stress.

Jim and I took a walk through the fields this morning to discuss our strategy regarding getting all the winter squash in before the weather turns. there is a ton of it out there and it looks fabulous! It is a delicate dance we must do. We like to leave it out as long as possible in order for it to sweeten up, but if we leave it too long, it could get damaged by frost, rot in the rain, or get nibbled by opportunistic rodents. It takes a long time to cut, toss, and haul 10+ giant apple bins of squash into the barn, so we have to plan wisely. Not much else will get done that day! We have it down to a pretty good assembly line process though. There are the cutter/stackers, the squash tosser/bin fillers, and the tractor driver/bin finagler. It feels pretty awesome when it all gets tucked away safely for the winter.

We have a new item in the box today, at least for some of you. Celery! Half of you got celery and the other half got cabbage. Next week we will switch. Celery is one of the hardest veggies for us to grow. It takes roughly 100 days from transplant to harvest and it wants a lot of water in the meantime-not a good summer for it. Despite its persnickety nature, we keep trying to grow it. It actually turned out pretty good. The flavor is more…robust, shall we say, than what you might be used to. It is still sweet, but you definitely can taste the celery flavor. It is good cooked or raw.

The potatoes this week are Russian Banana (though a few of you also got rose finn apple). Both are wonderful roasters or stew additions. Or steam them with parsley butter-always a winner.

What’s In Your Box:
Beets or chard
Celery or cabbage
Parsley or basil
Yellow onions
Fingerling potatoes
Summer squash
Green and yellow beans

Kraut Cabbage: We have TONS of awesome kraut cabbage heads just waiting to fill your crocks. If you are a kraut maker, let us know. The heads are between 5-8 lbs, and are wide and flat-perfect for sliding across your slicer. They are $1.50/lb.

mom says "Make some kraut!"My mom says “Make some kraut. It’s good for ya!”

 Enjoy these bonus sunny days!



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