CSA Newsletter – Week 13 – September 12, 2018

by jennifer on September 12, 2018

2018 summer week 13

green beans
beets or chard
potatoes-French fingerling
sweet onion
broccoli for half of your (the rest should get it next week)
dill, cilantro, or parsley
Italian zucchini
crookneck or patty pan
green bell pepper
red and orange sweet bullhorn pepper
pickling cucumbers

I am so excited by this week’s box. The last 2 have been slimmer than I would like for this time of year. I think a combination of heat, smoke, deer, and some herb losses to weeds many weeks ago affected our harvests. But with this shift in weather, the plants have perked up and are going for that  last hurrah before fall really sets in. The peppers had been at a mere trickle, but are now super abundant. Two corn patches are on at once so eat up, my friends. And broccoli! Finally broccoli! (But only for half of you this week. The rest of you should get some next week.) The deer are still eating the lettuce, so cabbage will have to be your ruffage for the week. We have several easy and tasty recipes for slaw (both with and without mayo/dairy). They all make bright and refreshing side dishes.
Pickling cukes: While our regular slicing cukes did poorly overall, and the lemons are barely producing, our picklers are still going strong. They make great salad/snacking cucumbers.
Potatoes: French fingerlings are a lovely waxy and delicate potato. They hold up well in soups and potato salad. (It is feeling more like soup weather to me!)
Peppers: All of the peppers we hand out in the CSA boxes are sweet. Not everyone appreciates a hot pepper and I always worry about little kids grabbing a hot pepper and taking a big bite before the parent reads the newsletter.

Speaking of newsletters, my apologies for not providing a newsletter the last 2 weeks. We have been swamped at the farm. There has been so much to do to gear up for the shift in weather and dealing with pickling cucumbers becomes another full time job in and of itself. The cukes are winding down a bit so I can have my life back.

We managed to get all of the onions and dry beans out of the field before this much needed rain arrived. Four of our five greenhouses are filled with onions and shallots. They will finish curing over the next few weeks. Covered real estate on the farm is at a premium this time of year. As the rains return and threat of frost looms, winter squash and potatoes will also need to find a home in the barn without crowding out our work area. Each year we bring this game of produce tetris up to a new level. For example we have invested in more wheeled plant racks with adjustable shelves as well as platform dollies. They allow us to create movable work stations, have mobile storage, and move vast amounts of produce from A to B with minimal lifting. As I get older I am always on the lookout for ways to save our backs.

onions curing in the greenhouse

Since it has been too wet to weed these past few days (no complaints here!) the crew has been working on cleaning onions and popping garlic in preparation for planting. It is nice to have jobs for any and all weather conditions.

That’s all I have time for right now. Enjoy your box of summer goodness!



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