CSA Newsletter – Week 12 – September 5, 2018

by jennifer on September 5, 2018

2018 summer week 12

green beans
sweet onion
potatoes-Russian Banana
beets or chard
summer squash
sweet orange or red bullhorn pepper
green bell pepper-small shares only


I feel like we have one foot in summer and the other in fall. Today’s box says summer. Our second planting of corn is now on, the sweet peppers are finally ripening, and basil is abundant. However, chilly mornings, turning leaves, and geese migration indicate a shift in season. We are turning out attention toward fall chores. There is a lot to do before the rains/frosts arrive and the crew shrinks due to school, winter jobs, and travel.

41269118_2231593310203663_671855463461027840_nOnions laid out to dry in 1 of 5 greenhouses

With “sprinkles” in the forecast (yay!) at the end of the week, we have to hustle to get a few key crops under cover. Today we spent a huge chunk of the day hauling the rest of the onions into our many greenhouses so they can finish curing.  Dry beans are next in line. The plants have been cut and laid out to dry in the sun. Threshing will become difficult if the pods get wet, so we will try to get them under cover as well before the weather shifts. Within the next few weeks all of the winter squash and potatoes will get harvested as well. There is a sense of urgency lurking in the background.

Although we have been farming since way back in ’94, we continually fine tune what we do and find ways to utilize infrastructure we have in new ways. I’ll give you a few examples.
Greenhouses: We have 5 – 15′ X 50′ greenhouses that we use for starting plants to field plant and to sell in the spring. In the fall we use them as dry covered space to cure onions and in the winter, we pull back the ground cloth in a few to plant arugula, dill, cilantro, and lettuce mix to sell at the market.
Plant racks: A few years ago we bought 4 metal racks with wheels and adjustable shelves to use at market to sell plants. We keep finding other uses for them year round and have purchased 16 more over the past few years. We use them in the cooler to store produce, in the barn to organize supplies, over the winter to store winter squash, and generally to haul large amounts of produce around the barn. As Jim and I get “older”, we are constantly striving to find ways to reduce the amount of lifting and lugging. If we can utilize a dolly, cart, or wheeled rack, we are all over it! We are trying to train our robust and invincible 20-somethings crew to practice proper lifting and use of wheels as much as possible. Oh to be 20….
Other cross purpose “tools” include the all terrain baby stroller (now 19 years old) that we use to mark out beds for transplanting and the industrial REI baby backpack that we use to flame-week carrots. Yes, the backpack that once carried my 2 children ages ago has been repurposed to carry a 5 gallon propane tank used to burn weeds that germinate a week ahead of carrots. Each year we seem to find new ways to use old things. It is one of the things I enjoy about farming.


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