CSA Newsletter – Week 12 – September 3, 2014

by jennifer on September 3, 2014

Week 12 CSA

How is it already 8:30 in the evening? So much to do. So very much to do. This is one of the crazier times of the farm season when it seems a million things need our attention at once. On top of all the usual daily farm tasks  (weeding, irrigating, transplanting, harvesting, washing, packing, distributing) we now must add some very time sensitive (and time intensive) fall chores. The dry beans are dry. The onion tops are knocked over. Potato vines are cut. The protective foliage on the winter squash is slowly, but steadily dying back. All of these crops must be harvested during the intermittent dry stretches we so mercifully have been granted. I thought I was going to have a serious nervous breakdown Saturday when the torrential rains soaked the dry beans and onions.  However, the sun returned and everything dried out again. Phew! The last few hours of every work day are spent hauling onions and beans into one of our many greenhouses where they will cure and await cleaning or shelling. It will make for an enjoyable rainy day job. The squash and potato harvest will happen within the next few weeks. Oh, and there is garlic to plant! Aaaaand cover cropping.

The recent rains were such a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it was interfering with the field drying of the onions and beans, on the other hand we were instantly caught up on irrigation. This was especially helpful at the new field where we had just seeded and transplanted a bunch of stuff for fall and winter harvest. We are using mostly drip tape over there and we don’t get there every day. Like so many things in life there are flip sides to just about everything.

Today’s box is a little slimmer than the last few. The season is shifting. Summer crops are on the slow and steady decline, while the classic fall delights are not quite ready. Also, we are between corn plantings. Hopefully it will return by next week. We are at the apex of a big transition. Soon you will be seeing leeks, kale, and winter squash. But not quite yet. Let’s enjoy those tomatoes just a little longer.

beets or chard
pickling cukes
lemon cukes
green beans
yellow onion
red onion (large shares only)
red tomatoes
Ozette potatoes
sweet red pepper (1/2 of you got it, the others get it next week)

Celery-The flavor is great, but it is not as crisp and watery as what you might be used to. You’ll probably have to string it (or floss afterwards.)
Ozette Potatoes:These are a delicious heirloom potato. A long time CSA member introduced us to these and we have grown them ever since. These are perfect for stews, pot roasts, and oven roasted potatoes.

Good night all! Jen

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