CSA Newsletter – Week 10 – August 22, 2018

by jennifer on August 22, 2018

2018 week 10WHAT’S IN THE BOX:
beets for half of you
sweet onion
basil or dill
beans-a mix of green, yellow, and purple
lemon cukes
Italian zucchini
crookneck or patty pan squash
cherry tomatoes-large shares only
sweet banana pepper-large shares only

Beans: We mostly grow green beans, but like to occasionally dabble in something different, hence yellow and purple beans. They look so pretty all mixed together, don’t they? Though the flavor of each varies slightly, they cook up all the same.
Sweet Banana peppers: Yet another dabbling. We have never grown these before, but did so upon customer request. They aren’t as sweet as a red or orange pepper, but are a bit sweeter than a green bell. Use as you would a green bell. We will start rotating around a variety of peppers over the next few weeks.

Though the days feel hot and summery, things are starting to shift. Onion tops are dying back, as are winter squash and potato vines. We will soon be gearing up for the big harvest in which we will harvest and tuck them safely in the barn for fall and winter use. Our garlic seed should be arriving soon and we will poke a gazillion little cloves in the ground to enjoy next year. We struggle with white rot on garlic in our fields, so opt to buy new garlic seed each year. We found a sweet little family run farm in Twisp Washington to provide us with “clean” garlic. They are certified organic and use draft horses as their primary means of field cultivation and management.

Word has it that showers and fresh air are in the forecast. We are all so looking forward to reasonable temps and that first whiff of clean, damp, PNW air. Ahhh….

That’s about all I’ve got this week.

Until next time….Jen

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