CSA Newsletter – Late Fall Share – Week 4

by jennifer on December 13, 2015

Late fall CSA week 4

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: The pickins’ were a little slimmer due to the fact that some crops were under water and others were cut off by water and we couldn’t get to them! We opted to give you a little storage stash of some things and include a Rising River Farm re-usable tote bag. CSA is a risk and reward arrangement and this year sure has seen a lot of risk!
potatoes        delicata
onions           acorn
shallots         celeriac
garlic             tote bag

This weekend is the last delivery of the Late Fall Share. Thank you for joining us for the last hoorah of 2015. You probably saw on the news that there was some serious flooding down here in Rochester. We were worried for a spell if we would be  even be able to get you that last box. Each flood is a little different and we haven’t gone through one of this height while still trying to farm. In past years if the fields went under in late December, it wasn’t as big of a deal, but this year we still have a fair bit of crops out there. Our fields dip and rise, and thankfully many sections remained above the waterline. In addition, we were able to load all the storage crops onto one of our market trucks and park it on high ground.

How high did the water get? The river gauge at Ground Mound, which is the one we pay attention to, read just shy of 17 ft. This translated into a few inches of water in the barns and 2 greenhouses, and half of our fields going under. The end of our road was blocked as well, so we were kind of stuck here for a few days. We sent the kids away to stay with friends so they wouldn’t miss school and we could be free to just focus on flood worries.  We spent all day Tuesday with crew and Jim’s sister moving everything up into lofts and driving equipment to the high ground.  We looked like an ant colony moving objects one by one to this place or that; organized chaos, really. Once everything was moved all we could do was sit back and wait….

With the kids gone it was rather quiet. We couldn’t really do field work and couldn’t concentrate on office work, so we went on lots of walks, checked the river gauge obsessively,  and looked out the windows about every five minutes. We shared a few meals with other similarly stranded neighbors and and tried to make the best of our nature-imposed “stay-cation.” All in all we came out unscathed.

I will include a few pictures at the end of this letter. I also put some on Facebook.

I will send out an email to let you know when you can sign up for the 2016 season. I have to get the wizard all set up. W

We all need to eat, right? Why not give your friends or family some local, delicious, and healthy produce?
*Purchase an assortment of veggies you know they’ll love and display it artfully in a nice basket or in a Rising River Farm re-usable tote bag.
*Give a gift certificate to our farm stand so they can choose what they want.
*Have a gardener in your life? Gift certificates are good for our veggie starts, too!
*Pay for all or part of a CSA share for someone you know.

We hope you enjoy your holidays and have a restful and renewing winter.

Happy New Year!
Jen & Jim

Chehalis River spilling over the banks

The Chehalis River spilling over the banks.


Independence creek at the farm


Independence Creek at the farm.


a few inches of water in the shop

A few inches of water in the shop.


view from the porch


View from the porch.

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