CSA Newsletter – Late Fall Share – Week 2 – November 28, 2015

by jennifer on November 28, 2015

late fall share week 2

I hope you all had a nice holiday full of delicious food and the company of friends and/or family. We packed 23 people in our little house for a fabulous feast, took a nice digestive walk by the river, & topped it off with desserts, games, and conversation.

The farm has been shrouded in frost for the better part of each day for the past several days. The crew has had to wait until things thaw before harvest can start, both to spare their fingers and also to make sure the crop isn’t damaged from frost. We did cover several veggies with row cover to help protect them.

What’s In The Box:
curly kale           yellow onions
delicata              shallot
buttercup          garlic
celeriac              red cipollini
potatoes            carrots

Everything in the box should be familiar by now. Be sure to look through the recipe section for ideas. If you were the one lucky enough to be in possession of the leftover turkey, whip up a batch of soup! I have some on the stove right now. I put the carcass on to simmer for a few hours to make the broth. Then I sauteed onion, garlic, carrots, and celeriac and added the stained broth to it. I added enough meat to fill it out. Finally, I cooked pasta in a separate pot and added it to the soup once it was done. Voila! A little grated Romano or Parmesan cheese added to eat bowl and or chopped fresh parsley can be added to top it off.

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